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Devil protects his own (part II)

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Devil protects his own (part II)

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The Profiteers

1.) Joseph Stalin (lived to age seventy-four). Former leader of the Soviet Union. His social policies resulted in the starvation of millions; his purges murdered millions more; his mistrust of his own spies prior to Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 is estimated to have caused the deaths of twenty million Soviet citizens. To conceal his incompetence, he either had these spies executed, or refused to negotiate for their release from foreign prisons.

2.) Mao Zedong (lived to age eighty-two). Former leader of China. His programs, such as The Great Leap Forward and The Cultural Revolution, resulted in the deaths of millions of his countrymen.

This tradition of silencing dissent with brutality persisted after Mao’s death, culminating in the deadly attack on student protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Yet, while the United States maintains an embargo against Cuba for alleged human rights violations, China has become one of America’s largest trading partners, with entire retail outlets profiting from the sale of products made in China. Apparently human rights are only a concern to the United States when there’s no inexpensive labor or lax environmental standards to exploit.

3.) Pol Pot (lived to age seventy-two). Leader of the Khmer Rouge. He was responsible for the torture and murder of millions of his countrymen in Cambodia, yet died peacefully in his sleep, never having to face any court or tribunal, despite committing what may be, in proportion to Cambodia’s population, the worst genocide in history.

4.) Josef Mengele (lived to age sixty-seven). The Angel of Death, as he was known, was responsible for some of the worst atrocities ever committed against his fellow human beings. A doctor who devoted his skills, not to healing the sick, but to conducting grotesque human experiments, Mengele escaped to South America after the collapse of the Nazi regime, where he lived out his years in relative comfort, protected by many of the South American dictatorships supported by the United States. When he drowned while swimming in 1979, many tried to find solace in the belief that his death resulted from divine intervention. Nevertheless the fact remains that this mass murderer never had to answer for his crimes against humanity.

5.) P. W. Botha (lived to age ninety). Former President of South Africa and unapologetic defender of its racist apartheid system, Botha refused to testify before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post-apartheid South Africa. This Commission asserted that Botha was responsible for numerous human rights violations during his presidency. It is also believed that he ordered the bombing of the headquarters of the South African Council of Churches.

6.) Richard Nixon (lived to age eighty-one) and Gerald Ford (lived to age ninety-three). After the assassination of Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon won the presidency by running on a “law-and-order” platform. Ironically, he sanctioned some of the worst lawlessness ever seen in the modern-day United States. As in the case of John Lennon, Nixon used governmental agencies to conduct personal vendettas against perceived “enemies,” and he ignored or supported the wrongful arrests, unjust imprisonments and brutal suppression of anti-war and civil rights activists. He presided over a cabal of criminals who were so desperate to undermine democracy and secure Nixon’s reelection that, in 1972, they attempted to break into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate hotel, only to be thwarted by a hotel security guard. The resulting investigations exposed the extent of the Nixon administration’s criminality, resulting in Nixon’s resignation from the presidency in 1974.

Yet the man who so arrogantly exploited the criminal justice system to destroy others was too cowardly to face it himself. After Nixon’s resignation, vice-president Gerald Ford ascended to the presidency. Less than a month later, Ford gave Nixon a “full and unconditional pardon” for his crimes, a action that, not surprisingly, had been promoted by then-governor of California, and future president, Ronald Reagan.

7.) J. Edgar Hoover (lived to age seventy-seven). This megalomaniacal director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began his “law enforcement” career by conducting the illegal and unconstitutional Palmer Raids, which were designed to silence voices of dissent in America. Seeing how easily the protections provided by the United States Constitution could be circumvented or ignored, particularly when it interfered with his personal agenda, Hoover turned the FBI into a racist, blackmailing, perjurious, burglarizing and, in many cases, murderous organization. His efforts were primarily directed against anyone he considered to be “un-American,” which basically meant anybody who did not agree with Hoover.

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