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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Uribe: Enough!!!

 The cynicism of the terrorist government of Colombia is surprising, every word, every gesture is a sign of terrorism. But good: for what can we expect from the State directed by a criminal’s advice? This must even more put us on maximum alert, we must analyze every step of this band of gangsters, because the Colombian government is our enemy at this moment. There is a necessary reaction that culminates in the big revolutionary victory of the Colombian people.

The last statements, I repeat, reveal a sinister plan of the Colombian right against the stability of Latin America and, in a special way, the sovereign integrity of the sister Repúblic of Ecuador. Plans exist, it is obvious, of a military plot against Ecuador and Venezuela on behalf of destroying peace, a fact that we will never allow, but it deserves our inner reflection in view of revolutionary morality.

I do not get tired of being grateful for the words that Rafael Correa directed to his dear people, and the horrifying warnings of our Commander President Hugo Chávez. They now are the hope for millions of Colombians and for the South American people. I join the decisions that President Chávez took, and furthermore, confess my desire to fight if it is necessary, to give my life for the glory of Colombia, to claim the sovereignty of my homeland. The insolent Uribe will never happen! It is time for the singing of the rifles, and in this it is necessary to convince us, because it would be most serious to reject the terrorist Colombian state. It is necessary to prefer the moral criteria to the questions and disputable preferences and contingents of strictly political order in this so serious situation.

It is enough since Uribe visits blood stages on our borders, if it is necessary to accommodate in these grounds the liberating combatants of FARC, we will do it, and will defeat any attempt to violate this most sacred ground that is Venezuela. But also let's be conscious that is time to claim years of reproach on the part of the North American government, it operates and infiltrates into the Colombian government and it is who encourages the destruction of these three republics, daughters of Bolivar. It is necessary to say to the imperialist government of the USA that we already will not allow invasions, South America is a sacred soil.

All the accusations against the Venezuelan Government, of our leader and, against the brother Rafael Correa do not pass from being a provocation. I can only remind of the disturbing element Uribe that, for these grounds has no fluorescent light, because we millions will light the dignity and will defeat any warlike attempt. Here we do not play hide-and-seek, here if we are ready to light the war of a hundred years, and so give birth to the freedom of South America. The freedom and the peace of our brother Colombians.

Radicalism is a fundamental and inalienable demand at this moment. Negotiation is not possible with the Colombian government, to sit down for us to agree on the no aggression or to accept excuses, it would be to condemn millions of compatriots to the Uribian terrorism and, this is intolerable. Let's act with depth, coherence and steadfastness opposite to the Colombian state. Let's not allow to make fun the memory of our Liberating Parents, they that gave everything for our nobility and emancipation, they that hope to be claimed by the vile treacheries of the Colombian right.

We owe to stride the game definitively, our radicalism must aspire in this moment to results of long term in the Colombian people, they take that early they are going to wake up and it goes to exhibit his race. Destroying and eradicating the criminal mafias that Uribe directs and that are the maximum blasphemy to the Colombian State. Our attitude of radicalism gives space to the freedom of the Colombian people, to close this episode with intransigence means a big step in the destruction of the terrorism of Uribe and his owner, the North American empire.

We cannot stop claiming, also, the Martyr Raúl Reyes, the simplicity and humility(humbleness) of the poorest were the motive of his purest affections and he always found in them the consolation that a revolutionary combatant needs in his moments of test. Raúl Reyes cannot be called a dead person, his spilled blood is the living water that will flood the streets of Colombia with freedom and with justice. He is the Ave Phoenix that will re-arise fighting in every Colombian, in every Venezuelan and in every Ecuadorian, against the criminal government of Álvaro Uribe. In FARC there are many values that not always society can appreciate, BUT THAT HISTORY WILL ABSOLVE. And in spite of its many defects, of its political and military errors, of its moral mistakes, they are a belligerent group not foreign to the corruption of human nature - who always look for the consolidation of peace, justice and revolution in Colombia.

To support FARC today is not to lie or to be unbelievers to our roots. It is to bet for the nobility of these dear grounds, of its noble mountains, of the omnipotent memory of Bolivar, Sucre, One-handed person Capac, Guaicaipuro, and of so many Latin-American martyrs. To support FARC is to say no to the terrorist career of the government of Uribe, it is to offer the hope of a promising future to us and to our futuregenerations. To support Ecuador is to dedicate the sovereignty of each of our republics and it is to raise the dignity(rank) of every inhabitant. To support Venezuela and its Commander is to put ourselves in the avant-garde of the change that we deserve. Conciliation with the terrorist government of Uribe would be a gesture of treachery. There is already enough of the silence …


Fortunate, the political leader who understands his role in the world.

Fortunate, the political leader who personally exemplifies credibility.

Fortunate, the political leader who works for the common good and not for personal interests.

Fortunate, the political leader who is sincere with himself, with his faith and with his electoral promises.

Fortunate, the political leader who works for unity and does of Jesús the fulcrum of his defense.

Fortunate, the political leader who works for radical change, refuses to be called well what is bad and uses the Gospel as a guide.

Fortunate, the political leader who listens to the people before, during and after the elections and who always listens to God in prayer.

Fortunate, the political leader who is afraid neither of the truth nor of the mass media, because in the moment of the judgment he(she) will answer only before God, not before the mass media ». (Cardinal Francisco Javier Van Thuân).






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