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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

EU’s common position on Kosovo: So what?

As the European Union announces (for once) that it is near to reaching a common position on something - Kosovo, so what if it does? It would seem that certain EU countries forget their role in the horrendous break-up of Yugoslavia afer hastily recognizing States which never existed and the chaos that followed as military aid poured into the newly proclaimed “Republics”, the Serbs were demonised and the Balkans map defied 600 years of history. Are they going to make the same mistake again?

To begin with, the legality of any decision or position taken by the EU countries on any territory outside its borders is absolutely nil. Secondly, Kosovo is a Province of the Republic of Serbia, period. Thirdly, any decisions which recognise any form of independence for the Kosovar Albanians is illegal, since it goes against the fundamental principles of international law, set forth under the UN Charter Article 2 (4) regarding the inviolability of frontiers.

Independence is not a game or merely a word to be taken lightly. The independence of a people or a nation is a process set upon the foundations of hundreds, if not thousands, of years of history which in turn is based upon due process and the tests and trials of the most complex of socio-cultural, ethnic and historical vectors.

Any “taking of position” by the EU in an area outside its frontiers can only be taken as an act of intrusion, an attempt to put pressure of Sebia into losing 15 % of its territory and moreover, the birthplace of its nation, the very essence of its psyche. Asking Serbia to give up Kosovo to the Albanians is like asking the Serb people to tear their hearts out.

If this is what the Kosovar Albanians are waiting for, then let it be crystal clear that under international law, any declaration of independence is meaningless and any recognition of states which do not exist is condoning the breach of international law. Let the European Union solve its own considerable number of nationalities questions and stop interfering. God knows how many problems have been created worldwide due to the European nations’ colonialistic and imperialistic past. It seems they have yet to learn the lesson.