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2012 The Year We Entered the Tunnel

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2012 The Year We Entered the Tunnel. 46365.jpegWhile many of my predictions were optimistic on the time lines, the overall trends have stayed in the same direct. The main exception were the US/EU-created twitter revolutions in the Arab world, which to tell the truth, I had not predicted, but which do, over all, move us towards the ultimate confrontation that will lead to the destruction of Turkey, the collapse of NATO and the final rise of the Fourth Reich, thus reserving a future battle between are reborn Orthodox Block and the Fourth Reich.


Russia will more than likely face a mild recession this year, as demand for exports (primarily oil, gas, steel and wood) falls, first due to the US/EU fall and then due to the Chinese hard landing. The Russian economy weathered the over all 2008 Crisis, the start of the Super Depression, quite well, regardless of statistics and returned to strong economic growth the following year. 2011 was characterized by strong growth with many European companies, especially the British and Germans, moving production into Russia, to avoid the insanity of the EU, meet minimum criteria for local production and be in position to survive the EU/US collapses. From Siemens to Microsoft, new facilities are popping up everywhere.

However, the second half of 2011 was also marked by a major assault by the US/UK's Masonic elites upon Russia's stability. As I mention in my article ((article)), the West, knowing it is on the brink of an irreversible collapse, must make sure not to leave the stage for the decade or so it will take to recover, without knocking Russian down too, otherwise, they will face a new order they are not willing to face.

This, in effect, has already plaid itself out and failed, though the US media may continue to hype it and push for a new Cold War, to get the attention of their destitute off of their pathetic plights. The coup failed, though it did, to some degree , rock the boat. On the bright side, the rocking will be used to further needed reforms, as a new excuse exists to move some of the blocks out of the way. In the longer term, it had the effect of bringing nationalist, and thus monarchist elements to a more central position and these seeds will continue to grow until some time, probably within the next 10 years, the monarchy will be reinstated. Of course, this will be even more detrimental to the US Masons, one of the most vile enemies of Christian Monarchy that Satan has even loosened upon the earth. But then again, that is what the term blow back is for.

I also predict that two wars will erupt: more than likely another war with Georgia, early on in the year. The Americans will need something else to push on Russia, now that their pathetic purchased coup has so utterly fallen on its face and their hoax media "coverage" was exposed for the utter spliced rubbish that it is. More than likely, the US/Georgians will use another major occasion, such as a holiday (Pascha) or sporting event, to start their war, for which they have been hyper rearming, on the US dollar, since 2008. It will be another short and bloody failure, again sacrificing several thousand Georgian lives for US propaganda value. Since the Russian international information services have failed to come to western standards, over the past 3 years, it will lead to the same results: victory on the ground, defeat in the opinion/mass media. It will, however, be a major blow to the US bought politicos inside of Russia and will lead to major instability in Georgia.

The main war of the year will come in the summer with Turkey, as I predicted previously. It will be a culmination of Edegan's mad scheming to return the hated and barbaric Ottoman Empire to life and will instead result in the utter destruction of Turkey and the final collapse of the NATO rouge regime.

United States

This year, more then likely, America will transfer fully into a police state dictatorship. Sure, they will still have an "election" but the Republican candidate will be handpicked by the party's elites, to make sure he loses to Obama and that Obama remains in power. By midyear the government will have the right to arrest without warrant or accusation "terrorists" and their "enablers". This will be just in time, as inflation will continue to sky rocket and nations will continue moving away from the dollar. An example of this was the recent announcement from China and Japan that they will no longer use the USD in inter-nation trade, just another blow against the only real export the US has, outside of scrap metal and corn. Several major standoffs and shootouts with groups of sovereignty seekers will occur.

Black and Mexican on White and Asian violence will also escalate, but the partisan federal police will look the other way on the "oppressors" getting theirs. 

As the economy continues to fall, as real unemployment, vs the fictional figures, continues to creep towards thirty percent, the public will grow ever more disenchanted and angry. More radical elements in Texas, the old Confederacy, Hawaii, Alaska, Maine and Vermont will call for independence and will be crushed. This will work out as all repressive measures work out, drawing instability underground but it will remain so.

Especially problematic for the US will be returning military, who will face little real employment outside the military.

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