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Libertarian Party supports Islamic terrorists

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By Mark S. McGrew

On June 10, 2012, The Texas Libertarian Convention hosted a speaker, Mustafaa Carroll, the Executive Director of the Houston Texas Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR. He was to speak on Profiling in America.

It sems that the Libertarian Party is a mixture of people similar to any political party in America. The members are usually decent and reasonable people. The Party leaders are insecure control freaks. Then, on the in between level, you have the candidates. Candidates are usually egotistical, mentally deranged people who run for office, mainly to impress themselves and their friends. Libertarian candidates are the epitomy of this mentality.

The various political parties in America are smiply various groups of mentally unstable people, categorized into individual parties, each with it's own idiosyncrasies, which is defined as: quirk: a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is peculiar to an individual or group, especially an odd or unusual one.

I do believe that most people in any particular Party are somewhat reasonable. The problem cases are usually in the leadership and candidate groups. And I think that most "members" of the Libertarian Party are reasonable. If you look at the Libertarian Party Platform of ideals, it is hard not to expect their members to be reasonable. Their platform is a logical, common sense approach to individual freedom, without harming your neighbors. But too many Libertarians in leadership and the candidates, have somehow ignored the "don't harm your neighbors" part. They have bastardized the ideals to be, "I can do whatever I want and the hell with you!"

 Let this article stand as an example of those Libertarians.

As a member of the Libertartian Party in Texas, I sent an email to the Texas Sate Chair, Mr. Pat Dixon, demanding to know why the Party was hosting a member of an "un-indicted co-conspirator to terrorist financing". The past head of the Houston Texas Chapter of CAIR was arrested, convicted and convicted again after his appeal of financing terrorists.

In a World Net Daily article, they say, "Since 9/11, no fewer than 15 CAIR executives, staffers, directors and advisers have been convicted or implicated in terrorism investigations. And in the same article, they show, "Omar Ahmad: U.S. prosecutors named CAIR's founding chairman as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land case. Ahmad helped arrange and lead the Hamas meeting in Philadelphia. Court exhibits show he not only picked the location for the secret meeting, but also invited the participants and called their meeting to order. Two years earlier, Ahmad had met with the notorious Blind Sheik, hosting the now-convicted al-Qaida terrorist in Ahmad's Santa Clara, Calif., apartment, according to "Muslim Mafia."

And closer to Texas, from Mustaffa's office, "Ghassan Elashi: A founding director of CAIR's Texas chapter, was convicted in 2008 of providing material support to terrorists in the Holy Land trial. Elashi also attended the secret 1993 Hamas meeting with CAIR's co-founders.

In the Greeley Gazzette of Colorado, we find this: Ghassan Elashi, founder of CAIR's Texas chapter. Elashi received a 65-year prison sentence for funneling over $12 million from the Islamic charity known as the Holy Land Foundation to the jihad terrorist group Hamas, which is responsible for murdering hundreds of Israeli civilians.

And in today's news, we have, The Justice Department's Inspector General is investigating the FBI's contacts with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The FBI has contacts with many groups, said FBI spokesman Chris Allen. "But CAIR is not a group that we work with," he said. CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper declined to comment.

It goes on and on. Personally, I am in full support of Free Speech, from any person or group. It is a good way to know who your enemies are and it certainly works that way with CAIR.

But when a political Party brings in a speaker to a group of un-informed candidates for political offices, it is indoctrination. Lawyers call it "Ex Parte", where one person can talk and the other one can't.

Ayesha Ahmed  explains what Islam is about, on

If the Texas Libertarian Party had also invited someone who knows something about CAIR and Islamic terrorists, it would not be a concern. If they had invited some FBI agents, some CIA agents, some members of the US Congress, people who have spent years investigating CAIR and their activities, we could have had an objective presentation of CAIR and Islam.

If they would have invited Ann Barnhardt, I believe that the representative for Islamic terrorists, Mustaffa would have had a tough act to follow. She knows all about CAIR, Islam and muslim practices and it isn't pretty when she describes it. Watch her speech here as she burns a Koran and explains each passage and why she is burning it, or got to and type in Ann Barnhardt. She sums up Islam in this way, "Islam is NOT a religion, but an insane political system and sex cult populated by the severely mentally impaired."

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