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The US 'Conservative' Hypocrites

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The US 'Conservative' Hypocrites

Thanks to the Internet, and more specifically to YouTube, I have been able to watch some of the so called "conservatives" of Fox News. Yes, we in totalitarian Russia do not have Fox, we only have 3-5 Russian news channels (depending where you live), plus CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle and of course there is the Orthodox Church channel and various others...see, dear readers, the Foxservatives are right, Russia is totalitarian.

Through YouTube, I got to watch several different programs that used a couple of my articles, that were printed in, as part of their show. Now, normally I would not mind added publicity, but it would be nice if my permission was at least asked, kind of required by copy right laws, and yes we have those in Russia too. That one Bill Oreilly did not even bother giving me credit on my own piece, just shows his concern on law and order...oh but he was busy not spinning on his "NO" Spin Zone. What is the matter Mr. Oreilly, copy right only applies to American media? Or does the property of those outside the US not matter much to you?

However, as much hypocrisy as was shown by the way my articles or parts of them were used, it is all paling in comparison to the hypocrisy these Foxservatives show for Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

What do I mean? Quite simple: on a social and economic level, these two great men are the wet dream of American conservatives high and low. In Russia, we have implemented what Americans (and never mind the defeated English) can only dream about. But instead of taking these accomplishments as some great points or guiding lights or as fellow travelers to align with, these so called American conservatives, in the pockets of Islamic Saudi Arabia and their war ministry, do nothing but shill for Cold War and arms build ups.

What are the great accomplishments I speak of? Let us review.


Abortion: Russia has banned abortion, except in extreme cases by court order, for any pregnancies post 12 weeks. Now, in my view that is also too much, but compared to the West in general and the USA, the leader of extreme abortions where babies are legally massacred the day before birth, it is a show stopper. Where are the right to life crowds cheering this? No where, they are to busy screaming how evil we are, living off of what they are fed and what was 10 years ago. If in America they actually stopped abortion, these false prophets would loose a platform upon which to wax their collective arses while doing nothing but Menshaviking to the present Bolsheviks in power.

Religious Education: Under Putin, it has been allowed to have Orthodox Christian religious classes in all the schools. Children are encouraged to take these. This is as opposed to modern America where the only religious classes allowed are Humanism and the worship of one's own ego. No tears cast by the Foxservatives on this, why should there be, after all, if this was allowed, many actual religious peoples might point out the damning pride and ego of these false prophets.

Marxism: Under Medvedev, Solzhenitsyn's Archipelago Gulag is required reading in schools for 11th graders. All the brutality of the Soviets and the crimes that were committed will be in the minds of our children for generations. Where is any review of the crimes that Wall Street committed when it sponsored and set up those same Communist Marxists or Hitler's Fascist Marxists? No where. Where is the admission of the massacres that the American army committed in the independent nation of the Confederate States? No where, nor anything of the terror bombings of German cities or anything else of that nature. You will never hear anything on these from those NYC/DC blabber heads who love their Wall Street and think that genociders like Sherman were bully.

Homosexuality: That is one subject that will never be taught in Russian schools, just like Sodomite Pride Parades will not happen in our city streets. Sure, they can have their clubs and do what ever ghastly things they want with each other in their apartments, but unlike the West, unlike many parts of America, there is no homosexualization of kindergarten children. No fisting education courses for 12 year olds and no sexual pedophile perverts in charge of school safety. Where are the compliments from the American conservatives...oh that is right, according to them, in Russia we deny freedom. So whose side do they really stand on in America? I would say, other than selling books, they stand on the side that causes evil and gives them an excuse to sell books.


Trial by Jury: That is right, the American puppet Yeltsin did not bring this to us, we never had more than empty words from that stumbling damned drunk. Putin, the "denier" of freedom brought it to us. Sure, the system is not perfect and the government does interfere, but at least we do not double try our criminals, like the Yanks do with mind crimes, er "hate" crimes.

Private Property: Again, brought to us by Putin, the codification of private property rights and land ownership. Bet most in the Anglo sphere do not even know we have these rights, as their own are stripped off. In England, you can not even chase away someone who decided to have a picnic on your front porch.

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