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America is dead

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In the opening paragraph of my most recent Pravda.Ru article Workers of the world, unite (03/03/11, hereinafter Workers), I warned that there was "a battle going on in the United States, and it is not hyperbole to suggest that it is a battle for the very soul of the nation."

That battle is over;
And America is dead:
As a land of the free;
As a nation of justice for all;
As a democracy;
As a haven for free thought and expression;
As a bastion of human rights;
As a government of the people;
For the people;
And by the people.

Sadly, unlike most deaths, America's demise was not inevitable. All the symptoms were visible to indicate that treatment was necessary. But, just like millions of its citizens, America lacked health insurance and thus was unable to stave off the myriad of infections that ultimately killed it.

Looking back, it's amazing how rapidly this decline occurred. Just a little over a decade ago, America was healthy, vibrant and optimistic as it entered the new millennium. Ironically, the beginning of that millennium was also the beginning of the end.

It started with a corrupt presidential election, sanctioned by an equally corrupt United States Supreme Court, which ushered in the inept, mendacious, venal, warmongering dictatorship of George W. Bush. This was soon followed by the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, which were subsequently used as the pretext to start two wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq and as the excuse to decimate the United States Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.

And other infections soon followed, including:
(1) The increasing racism and corruption of the United States Supreme Court;
(2) The "tea party" movement;
(3) The propaganda and vituperations vomited by pseudo-journalists on the Fox "News" Channel;
(4) The establishment of puppet governments in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio;
(5) The destruction of academic tenure spawned by the University of Colorado;
(6) The embrace of torturers by the University of California at Berkeley;
(7) The escalating focus on sensationalism and superficiality by the corporate-controlled media;
(8) And the myopia of the masses, which failed to detect these infections until it was too late.

In several previous Pravda.Ru articles, I discussed how this myopia could eventually result in America's demise, because the incessant lust for short-term, "knee-jerk" solutions makes a nation susceptible to the machinations of opportunistic and demagogic politicians, and renders it incapable of comprehending the long-term devastation these "solutions" might produce.

But, after Scott Walker's puppet government destroyed workers' rights in Wisconsin, I've come to realize that this myopia is incurable, that evil will do what evil will do, and that drawing attention to it will not derail it.

People protested against the coup of 2000. Bush took office anyway; People protested the illegal invasion of Iraq. Bush invaded anyway; People expressed outrage over America's use of torture and kidnapping. Bush tortured and kidnapped anyway. And his sordid legacy and criminality is now being defended and carried on by the Obama administration.

So was it really any surprise when the outrage and protests against the Republican reprobates of Wisconsin did nothing to dissuade them from stripping public workers of their rights, or when they accomplished this goal by using a procedural contrivance of questionable legality?

Naturally you may ask, if America is dead, and if evil is undefeatable, why bother writing about it at all? The only answer I have is that someone must make a record to inform future generations that there were people on the right side of history, and that the myopia that killed America did not blind everyone. So if, throughout this article, I make reference to some of my previous Pravda.Ru essays, please be assured it is not because of vanity.

So how did the infections listed above kill America?

Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller recently said that it took only thirty minutes for eighteen state senators to undo fifty years of civil rights in Wisconsin. What he did not say was that those eighteen were undoubtedly emboldened by the hypocrisy and corruption of the so-called "conservative" bloc of the United States Supreme Court: Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas and Scalia.

According to several legal analysts, ever since Roberts became Chief Justice of this court, an increasing number of its decisions were (and are) made in favor of corporate interests.

This inevitably led to the ruling that destroyed democracy itself: the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission-a decision I described as The greatest threat to America (Pravda.Ru, 01/27/10).

Ignoring decades of precedent, the court's "conservative" bloc decreed that corporations enjoyed the same "free speech" rights as individuals. The snake-oil used to defend the "fairness" of this decision was that labor unions also enjoyed the same "rights."

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