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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The idiotic foreign policy of the USA

Washington appears caught in the grip of an outdated, anachronistic and puerile, vapid, shallow foreign policy-making outfit controlled by intellectually limited political freaks of yesteryear, pandering to the whims of the lobbies that control them, insulting the collective intelligence of humankind and using lies to justify their evil plans.

I am not one of those who subscribes to the notion that all Americans are fat and stupid. My answer to those (racists/xenophobes) that say so is to ask them to try and get into an American University and then call them stupid. So, if the United States of America has such excellent schools of higher education and if the USA produces such excellent scholars, why does the country pursue such a puerile, shallow, anachronistic, outdated and idiotic foreign policy?

Let us take Syria as an example. After constant attempts to whitewash the Government as an "evil regime" failed, along with constant attempts to pin the Government of President Assad (which has the support of around 70 per cent of the Syrian people, more than Obama and Cameron combined), here we have the USA lying, once again, producing images from April, stating that the Syrian Government used Sarin gas.

And what do they use as evidence? The "broad range" of evidence, including "multiple" incidents of the use of chemical weapons by the "Syrian regime", as Washington claims, is based upon some footage of anti-Assad terrorists lying in beds with shaving foam around their mouths, eyes blinking and alert, holding their heads and writhing around slowly.

Is that it? Apparently. Well, I could stage a better coup myself and a more realistic one. Chemical and biological weapons cover a broad array of weaponry but the symptoms I would show if I were trying to lie to the public would include people lying in their backs, motionless, eyes vacant, with foam but not shaving cream around the mouth, vomiting uncontrollably and generally looking like they were close to death. Certainly not blinking, holding their heads and moving around.

This particular "incident" in April was covered here in this column at the time, as were previous attempts to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical and biological weapons, including attempts to smuggle chemical weapons into Syria through Turkey and then stage a false flag event to justify a war, a military intervention. Basically, it is bullshit.

And let us go further: if President Obama states that the Syrian Government is using chemical or biological weapons, based upon this, then he is a barefaced liar. And if he does make such statements it is clear that it is not President Obama that runs the USA, it is Senator McCain and his disgusting, nasty, underhanded Republican band of warmongers. I thought he lost the election years back, together with his poodle, that screaming witch from Alaska, the darling of the tea party studies in ignorance.

If someone cuts her/himself with a knife cutting cheese, the first time it is called an accident. The second time without using a cutting board, it is carelessness. The third time, it is stupidity. Remember 9/11? There remain huge questions to be asked as to the veracity of the Pentagon strike, as to the monitoring of the entire event, from the then National Security Advisor, why who else? Condy Rice. Sterling job.

There are enormous questions to be asked about the veracity of the casus belli providing the background to the invasion of Iraq. Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction? OK then ten years on, where are they? Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was using factories to produce chemical weapons, which turned out to be milk powder for babies? Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was posing an immediate threat to the USA and its allies? Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was procuring yellowcake uranium from Niger to make nuclear weapons, when he didn't even have a centrifuge working?

Remember the claims that Colonel Gaddafi was slaughtering his civilians and bombing them, when there was not a shred of evidence supporting such a claim?

The point is that the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) has tried this tack time and time again and fuelled by a supporting bought media, has managed to whitewash public opinion, duping a gullible public brought up on chuckles, chortles and giggles based around belching on the Simpsons. And time and time again the "real" media has outed such claims as bullshit.

Yet they continue. What Washington does not say is that the anti-Assad (30%) faction contains increasing numbers of al-Qaeda operatives, as was the case in Iraq and Libya, what Washington does not say is that arming the terrorists would escalate the conflict, what Washington does not say is that NATO is providing support for the terrorists to operate through Turkey.

And NATO/FUKUS is failing. Hence the claim that the Syrian Government is using chemical/biological weapons. It is predictable as the child who claims it was not he who destroyed the entire collection of houseplants in the conservatory, but rather the plastic dinosaur he holds in his hand.

Is President Obama that plain stupid? Does he think his people are stupid? Or is he a barefaced liar? Who said "Change"? The man is a traitor to his word, an insult to humankind and a very bad example of a Nobel peace prizewinner. Let this be his political epitaph: he manages to be even worse than Bush.

Photo: President al-Assad visits Syrian soldier wounded by western-backed terrorist forces. Nice one, Barack! How many more are you going to fund to murder? How many more Syrian families are you going to destroy? Remember NATO's cold-blooded murder of the Gaddafi grandchildren? Makes you happy? Nobel peace prize indeed.... Shame on you.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey