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Hitler, England and the invasion of Russia

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By Nicolas Bonnal

A few years ago, famous conservative and pacifist American writer Pat Buchanan wrote a book about Churchill and the unnecessary war. For him Britain hadn't to declare twice war to Germany and Hitler, for the latter was merely a friend of England, an admirer and protector of the British Empire and Nordic protectorates around the world. So why slap such a lovely friend?

There is a bar in Liverpool, full of unconscious tourists, where Hitler is said to have come before the war. I thought it was a joke but as jokes in our gossip-run world currently become reality shows, then reality... In the present conspiracy agenda, there is too the credo that Hitler was somewhat a British spy or agent during his youth! Anyway one of his most famous and platonic lovers was British beauty and aristocrat Unity Mitford.

As we say in French, there is no smoke without fire. And Hitler's attitude towards England remains preposterous seventy years after the most atrocious war in history.

I already mentioned the admiration of the tyrant towards England and America; he praises both empires and the Nordic countries of Europe; he despises reasonably Latinity, despite his Italian alliance, he hates France, he wants to destroy Russia (a great nation, though, he writes somewhere!) to rob her land and enslave her people, but he adores England and America, who have conquered so much land and submitted so many inferior people (he compared once his mission in Russia to the English one in India). The fact that Hess was from Egypt, Rosenberg from Baltic area, Baldur from USA, must not be underestimated. The pangermanist agenda was not even german: it was promoted by Germans of the outer, and we must remind that in 1900 Germans represent 10% of world population (2% today!) with no serious colony at all, no "country" of their own. Also, Hitler's minister of agriculture Walter Darré, born in Argentina, wanted to create a new race of landlords, physically similar to the eighteen century English gentry, for he inferiority complex towards England was even physical. Then Germany had to conquer land to copy her glorious models. Writes the future dictator in his jail:

When the territory of the Reich embraces all the Germans and finds itself unable to assure them a livelihood, only then can the moral right arise, from the need of the people to acquire foreign territory. The plough is then the sword; and the tears of war will produce the daily bread for the generations to come.

Freud spoke about Nazism of a "return to a barbaric prehistory". This formula is not even polemical: sometimes one can talk of Nazis without insulting them! Hitler has a prehistoric point of view about food, land, and space. He believes he lives in the times of Pharaoh, Arminius or Tamerlan. He believes Germany is starving, literally, and that she needs land to feed her people; there even is a poetic dream about growing oranges in poor Crimea. The mediocre Nazi goal is to re-create a civilization of ill-equipped peasants! This time it is Eisenstein who understands him very well in his masterwork Alexander Nevski, in which he shows his understanding of the dictator's madness, exposed in these epic lines:

If new territory were to be acquired in Europe it must have been mainly at Russia's cost, and once again the new German Empire should have set out on its march along the same road as was formerly trodden by the Teutonic Knights, this time to acquire soil for the German plough by means of the German sword and thus provide the nation with its daily bread.

Hitler is so fond of England that he even reproaches to the Reich his proud international policy of the beginning of the century. Germany must renounce her Weltpolitik! To seduce England, Germany must abandon trade, industry, fleet, colonial dreams, shipping, everything.

Colonial and naval ambitions should have been abandoned and attempts should not have been made to compete against British industries... Such a policy would have demanded a renunciation of the endeavour to conquer the world's markets, also a renunciation of colonial intentions and naval power. All the means of power at the disposal of the State should have been concentrated in the military forces on land.

We can understand then why Hitler is so sweet during the war with England. In his attempt to destroy Eastern Europe, he wants to spare as much as possible his fabulous model turned into his worst enemy. He lets courteously British troops leave at Dunkirk, he never understands the strategic importance of Mediterranean, he delivers no troops to Rommel, he is unable to devise an air force against England or a conquest of this land, yet he persists in his absurd secret weapons which are the best anecdote of Churchill in his memories: the British PM wonders how much talent, money and time Germany has lost with this fantastic yet inefficient weapons! In every sense he wants to lose the war, since he doesn't want to destroy the hypnotic and mimetic British Empire. Last but not least, Hitler accepts the unthinkable, like our historians today: England did not declare war to communist colossus after his occupation of Poland! He should have known that English main agenda since Disraeli's confession and 1870 (French-Prussian war) is the destruction of Germany.

Pages: 12

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