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America’s Future Lawyers. Look Out World!

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America’s Future Lawyers. Look Out World!

by Mark S. McGrew

Most lawyers think they can do and say anything they want and are immune from punishment. They’re not immune. The first time I had an attorney disbarred for life, I was 22 years old.

Since then I have had three more disbarred for life, and more than 25 sanctioned, reprimanded or temporarily suspended. Besides the avenues available to me through the various State Bar Associations and Court Rules, I have used other means to destroy their practice, ruin their reputation and generally make life miserable for them.

I have caused the termination of employment from their firms of so many of them that I don’t even keep track anymore. I have caused careers to be vaporized and divorces to occur because the wife’s social standing was put into ridicule or she didn’t want to be saddled with a “loser”.

Two lawyers, that I know of, have had heart attacks after they took it upon themselves to engage me in hardball negotiations. One, that I know of committed suicide after he was disbarred in California. He called me up the night he did it and told me I had ruined his life; he lost his family and was going to commit suicide unless I made some effort to “correct” what I had done to him. While he was hysterically crying, he told me that his life was in my hands and that he had a gun ready to pull the trigger.

“It’s all up to you now Mark. What will it be?”

Golly was I touched. I told him the world and his family would be much better off without him. His crying stopped and he just mumbled, “That’s it? Don’t you care? That’s all you have to say?

“No……..Call me back when you’re ready to pull the trigger. I need a good laugh.” And I hung up.

Three days later, Los Angeles detectives came to see me, told me that the lawyer had shot himself and burned his house down to the ground around himself. I asked them what that had to do with me and they pulled out a letter that the lawyer had mailed to them, telling them that I was going to shoot him and burn his house.

So, I played them the tape recording of our conversation and case closed. They asked me what led up to the conversation and I told them how he had fleeced 750 investors that I knew, that I went after him, through proper legal channels. They made a few phone calls, and they found that he had recently been disbarred, from my complaint signed by over 500 of those investors.

We talked for a while and when they left they pumped my hand quite vigorously.

THAT is what we think about crooked lawyers.

From the lessons I had learned from cheating lawyers, and in the matter of self survival, I developed my own techniques as to how to do battle with them. I use mailing campaigns, telephone campaigns, I look into their financial dealings, their personal life, and anything else that a good investigator would do to dig up the dirt on a criminal. Even Federal judges are fair game if they’re crooked. I photographed one at a night club fondling a very young agreeable blonde bimbo. The next morning I was in his office, told him to quit screwing an investor group or his wife was getting the pictures. I showed him a picture of his wife walking to her car in their driveway. He tossed the case, released the investors and told me some not very pleasant things.

But the best way to beat a crooked lawyer is what I call “Mental Judo”. I use their words and actions against them. I had such fun with it that I put on seminars for Trial Lawyers in Denver and Los Angeles. I called it “How to Kick a Lawyer’s Ass”.

It was based on a very simple concept: Everyone makes mistakes.

Find those mistakes and crucify the guy with them. A very high percentage of lawyers are arrogant and think they are so smart, just because Daddy put them through law school and they passed the Bar Exam on their third try. Lawyers like that are the creeping cruds of society and it is any good person’s duty to do whatever possible to rid our society of them. There are many good attorneys who do perform a valuable service. They do things by the book, they follow the rules, they research and they present their case either in writing or orally in a very convincing manner. These lawyers are hard to beat. At best, I would tell attorneys to just be prepared for some very good training when they are up against one of them and to move for settlement before getting their butts kicked in a trial.

But the crooked ones, the arrogant ones, the braggarts and daddy’s boys? Oh, they’re fun to play with.

I went on the “” board last week, for Law students, just to observe what America’s best and brightest had to offer. After sitting back and reading their postings I decided to get on board and see how they would react to a simple question that had already been asked by one of the posters, planet rugby:

He questioned whether Barack Obama had used other names such as Barry Soetoro and I wanted to ask if they could prove that Obama was eligible to hold office due to his citizenship status. I provided a copy of the Philip Berg Federal lawsuit which asked Obama to prove he is a US citizen. I produced the State of Hawaii statement that they had “seen” Obama’s original birth certificate and pointed out that the statement never once sayshe is a US Citizen. I posted Copy of Federal Court Rules to show that since Obama failed to deny he was not a US citizen that by default he had admitted that he WAS NOT a US citizen and therefore not eligible to be president.

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