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Prepared or not - it is coming

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By Jim Jones


Prepared or not - it is coming. 49422.jpeg

I penned an article on PRAVDA previously, entitled "Are You Prepared?" in which I outlined my ideas and concerns over the Federal Reserve and the impending currency crash.  The manner in which the article has been received has surprised me and I feel emboldened to progress this concept further.

When looking through comments, it is interesting that they are generally concurring with my premise and indicating that many others out there are already looking along a similar vein in regards currency matters.

I have no academic claim to fame in the field of finance/economics, I am however professionally qualified and was a Major in the Infantry. My view on matters is as seen through such conditioning and I believe, reflect the view of those who would listen to reasoned argument.

That being said, one of my compatriots commented:

Pravda identifies the USA - but the reality is every country is doing the same thing, including Russia!

I don't intend turning this article into a Blog reply exercise, but feel compelled to respond to this post, as it has a bearing on the following article.

My previous article was not necessarily the view of PRAVDA and to construe it as such is doing PRAVDA a disservice. This comment also has in it connotations of the Reds and Us mentality of the Cold War era;  "Pravda identifies the USA -  including Russia".  The reality is, no other currency which so impacts on the world economy as does the Green Back; for no other reason than it has been the default international currency of trade.  All countries around the world have traded in and /or hold US currency.  Suggesting that the article in somehow was an attack on the USA, is to miss the point and to cast mischievous, derogatory innuendo on the article, PRAVDA and Russia.  

We are talking about nothing more substantial than monopoly money being used for international trade.  Put a US Dollar bill alongside a Monopoly bill and I say to you that the only difference between them is people's faith in the US Dollar Bill. As soon as that faith is shattered, either by planned devaluation or people becoming aware and a panic run, the dollar will be as worthless as the monopoly money.

So concerned am I about the impending collapse and the turmoil and trouble that will follow it, that I feel a Don Quixote desire to spread this warning and spare as many as I can from the heartache that will follow.  To be truthful, however, I feel as John The Baptist, shouting in the wilderness "Make straight the way of the Lord".

Too many will not look at events and facts and take the time to dispassionately evaluate them, preferring instead to fall back on predetermined conditioning as to the accepted order of things and what they have been told to believe. Do you remember the 60's [I do], the wave of political unrest and questioning and protesting? There were debates on TV [when is the last time you saw a proper debate like they used to air?], protesters were given air time and the Vietnam war was stopped by political protest.

The powers in authority learnt from that, they learnt very quickly and now through the school system [which has been totally corrupted by authoritarian views] to our controlled news media, people are lazy and contented; preferring to take the easy way and accept what they are told.  Now, people are conditioned. 

The New World Order [call them Zionist, Masons, Illuminati, Mormons,] are in effect a conglomerate of these entities, preferring to use them for their own evil and satanic ways. There is an orchestration of events, so that in turn each branch of the evil works in unison and in furtherance of the other and at the same time, skilfully hiding the true shadowy figures who are really pulling the strings. I will not even begin to try to finger the main group here - so murky do they muddy the waters that it would be a very brave man indeed who would profess to know the truth - howbeit, I am certain that behind it all and as master of ceremonies is Satin.

If one is prepared to examine history - not your schoolbook history, but properly disseminated history - one will see this New World Order group is not really very smart because they rely on time proven techniques and rouses.  History repeats!

We don't have to go too far back into history - for some, it may still be living history - to see the progression to the Great Depression; there was the warnings about the gold and silver standards and fiat money.  Look at the recessions we have suffered post great depression - all planned and all using the pretext of revaluing the market; with all the euphemisms used to explain that. In truth, it was plain robbing the people. Such monetary calamities are designed to redistribute the wealth and to devalue the dollar so as to allow for further escalation of the currency.

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