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Election 2012: Jeb Bush vs. Barack Obama

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By Mark McGrew

WARNING TO: Selfish insecure children and conservatives.

This is not a political promotion for any candidate. It is simply an observation of certain facts exposing a foregone conclusion.



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   Jeb Bush, ex-governor of Florida, the only republican in Florida history to be re-elected, brother of previous President George W. Bush and son of past president George H. W. Bush, has been mentioned a few times in American news lately, with the word "president" in the discussion.

            What I have not seen in American news was in China's on January 17, 2012: "Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush Tuesday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, calling for closer cooperation between China and the United States."

            On the 18th of January, China Daily reported "Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in Beijing, urging the two countries to properly settle differences in bilateral relations and promote the healthy growth of relations."

That article also mentioned this: "The US delegation also included former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin and former US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen." Just some more private citizens making deals with China on matters of State?

Twelve days later, USAToday reported that George H. W. Bush and his son, Jeb Bush were in Washington D. C. for dinner and decided to drop in to the White House and see little Barry Soetoro.      

            How does a retired governor, currently a private citizen "call for closer cooperation" with any nation? And China meets with that private citizen? And what was the purpose of the backup detail that included two past Secretaries of State, one previous Treasury secretary and one past boss, of all the military bosses.

            Major news in the USA has made whispered comments about Jeb Bush running for President. Al Cardenas, of the American Conservative union is quoted as saying, "Republican turmoil might lead to a brokered convention, in which Jeb Bush former Florida governor, would emerge as a possible 'alternative' party nominee".

There are comments currently being sold to Americans, such as "may have to draft Jeb Bush", "the election system is "fractured". If it is fractured, it needs fixing and the two major political parties are well adept at fixing elections.

            If Jeb Bush had run against Obama in 2008, who would have voted for another 4 years of a Bush in the White House? The third Bush in the past 20 years as our President? 16 out of 20 years, for one family? It just stinks of royalty and corruption.

            Being one of the most powerful families in the world that you are, you want what you want, so how do we get the American people to accept another Bush as President?

            One way may be to put someone in that position, that so enrages the American citizenry, that they would vote for anybody, to get rid of the nasty guy.

            The four Republican candidates now, are not acceptable to the American public. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have not proven they are constitutionally eligible to run for President. Newt Gingrich already did his job of enraging Americans, when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives. Most Americans still have that quaint Puritan notion that if "you cheat on your wife, you'll cheat on me".

            Ron Paul is the best choice for America and its citizens, but the worse choice for the established powers. He may put them all in jail.

            So theoretically, we will be presented with, yet again, the choice of picking the lesser of two evils.

            Obama has gone to great lengths to insult and offend every person he deals with. Except a very well chosen few.

He is everything that America is not. He is a self admitted racist. He spent 20 years in a church where his pastor screams out, "God damn America!" He insults and degrades Christianity, while praising Islam and Muslims. He gives refuge to illegal aliens, suing states that try to uphold the written laws.

            Above all, he has proven to be socialist, Marxist, fascist and communist all rolled into one bundle of misery for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

Pages: 1234

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