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Kerry’s war record is supported by the war record of one of his detractors

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth started an all out war of words against Presidential candidate John Kerry. 
Their claim is that Kerry did not deserve the awards he got when he was supposed to have come under heavy fire while in service during Viet Nam. 

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a veteran’s organization made the claim that the swift boat under command of Kerry did not take heavy fire from enemy combatants.   

A swift boat was a type of boat that would patrol the rivers and water ways in Viet Nam, the boats were light, fast, and heavily armed.  They were used to seek out and destroy arms shipments and enemy troop movements being conducted via the water ways.   

Larry Thurlow was another commander in a boat that was in the same flotilla as Kerry’s boat.  Thurlow, has stated none of the boats took hostile fire on the mission where Kerry received a commendation for bravery.  But, Thurlow forgot something very major – his own war record.  Thurlow’s 201 file states something entirely different than what Thurlow is saying today.  Namely, Thurlow’s boat and the other boats did take gun fire and hostile action. 

Thrulow’s 201 file contains an entry directly referencing "enemy small arms and automatic fire" of the five-boat flotilla. 

Honestly, Mr. Thulow, I don’t understand why your organization took the route you did.  You discredited Kerry when you knew there was evidence to support Kerry in your own service record.  A number of the people who detracted Kerry's war record with you have already started recanting their stories.