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FUKUS (France-UK-US): Neo-Imperialistic trash

FUKUS (France-UK-US): Neo-Imperialistic trash. 49652.jpeg

Why is it that France, from time to time, gets ideas above its station? Why is it that French Presidents, increasingly, start acting like failed Napoleons? Why is it that British Prime Ministers, while acting like war criminals, like to emulate the arch-war criminal, Churchill? Read on...

It is common knowledge that Napoleon, that French abomination who failed in his murderous attempt to spread French culture across Europe, liked to write letters to his lover, Josephine, asking her not to wash before they met so that he could smell the stench of her sweat, and...

 In plain English, a dirty little... Frenchman. It is also common knowledge that every time a Frenchman gets ideas above his station, Germany teaches him his place. In plain English, French foreign policy is as effective as the Maginot Line. Bluster, bravado, BANG!!

He who turns and runs away, comes back to run another day.

And as regards Churchill, the war criminal of the First World War, hated by London taxi drivers because he was known as a stingy son of a bitch; he sent millions to their deaths in 1914-1918 through utter incompetence (Gallipoli), his speeches were oiled with champagne and brandy, his legacy was the disintegration of the British Empire which he claimed to support. I say...this here is ours, and that there is yours, eh what? Bring me a ruler to draw a nice straight line on a map...

And here we have François Hollande and David Cameron on yet another imperialist venture, this time trying to arm the Syrian terrorists who wish to murder men, women and children, impose Sharia law and kick Russia out of the Mediterranean, in return for greyish promises from Cameron and Hollande and their master across the seas.

And here we have the dynamic duo yet again, after they attempted to destroy the Jamahiriya in Libya, now threatening to "go it alone" after failing to convince their European Union peers to lift the arms embargo and provide the Syrian terrorists with weapons.

True, the Ministries of Defence in the UK and France will crow that they can provide tens of thousands of jobs and so wow, let's supply Indonesia with hundreds of millions of dollars of military hardware as they slaughter the Maubere population in East Timor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it happened. It happened and was documented in this column...

François Hollande and David Cameron indeed emulate Napoleon and Churchill, Britain's version of everyone knows who... and like Napoleon and Churchill they both show a total disrespect for international law. You do not arm, aid and abet terrorists engaged in undermining the government of a sovereign state. It is illegal and it is proscribed as such under international law.

But then again, after Iraq, after Libya, who believes a word Paris and London say? And if they are not war criminals, then who is? But don't worry, The Hague ICC will never prosecute them... why, they are above the law, aren't they?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey




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