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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Boston, Chechnya and I$lamist contamination

Putting the pieces of the Boston puzzle together, the key pieces are Dzhokhar, Tamerlan, Dagestan, Russia and Islamism. Pressure cooker bombs, al-Qaeda, the United States of America. The American way of life. Hatred. Extremi$m. Murder. Welcome to 2013...

Welcome to 2013, in a globalized world of globalized information, globalized travel, globalized access to good and education. And evil. And the spider at the centre of the web of globalized evil, ladies and gentlemen, is the United States of America and its foreign policy.

The USA has demonized countless leaders, governments and systems while at the same time it has perpetrated the very worst crimes on the international stage. It is the only country to have committed an act of nuclear terrorism - twice; it has strafed Vietnamese kids with napalm, it has committed nuclear war crimes, it has committed chemical war crimes, the regimes in Washington have been involved in state terrorism, in acts of murder, attempted murder, and more recently, torture, sodomy, racism and mutilation.

Those of us who have tracked the record of Washington since the Great Patriotic War (Second World War) have become increasingly appalled as the USA has unilaterally insulted the collective identity of the rest of humankind since 1991, when promises were made to the Eastern Bloc (a valid counterweight) and then systematically broken. As time goes on, it becomes worse.

Outrages from the support for Kosovar terrorists and the murder of Serbs, to the invasion of Afghanistan (minerals and the heroin trade, not the Talebaan), Iraq (energy lobby, not Saddam Hussein's WMD), then Libya (Gaddafy's African policy was going to cost the western lobbies billions), and now Syria, where the flames behind the extremists have been fanned, remind us of the US support for the Afghan Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, where bin Laden and his friends were aided, abetted and openly supported to create the soft underbelly against the Soviet Union.

This is my conviction, these are my thoughts, this is what I believe, and know. Does this mean that I hate the United States of America and its citizens? I had family members murdered at Dachau but I do not hate the Germans, quite the contrary.

For those who do not know me (and I see that not one of the hate sites against me on the Internet have a clue as to who I am, let alone being able to present a single truthful fact), I have Americans in my close family circuit, I have American friends. And more than that, although I have not as yet visited the USA, I know that the country is run on a community-based approach, I know that the public services function well, I know that when you pay your money for entertainment, you receive a professional and worthwhile package.

I know that in general people help each other out, which was more than visible in West, Texas, in the aftermath of the chemical explosion this week, when shop owners and residents opened their doors to strangers, feeding and clothing them, for free, "because they needed" it. And it was done in a low-key approach, nobody shouting from the treetops what they were doing. It was dignified, it was beautiful, it was a lesson.

And for the intelligent student, the lesson is well received, be it from wherever. The lesson from Boston is one of an unbalanced individual, Tamerlan, whose personal problems and social problems led him to isolate himself, rendering him that much more vulnerable to the Wahhabist tendencies at play in Dagestan, which he visited for six months last year before returning to the USA.

From there, the much-vaunted al-Qaeda internet lessons on pressure cooker bombs, from there, the indoctrination of his younger brother, Dzhokhar, from there the insane act of planting bombs at the Boston Marathon.

This does not mean that the American people deserved what happened, this does not mean that Dagestanis or Chechens are all terrorists, this does not mean that the much-vaunted Russian connection is anything more than a fleeting coincidence, this does not mean that Islam is a religion of violence, or evil.

It is not. For those of us who have bothered to read the Qu'ran, we know it is a message of peace, closer even to Buddhism than Christianity. For those of us who have interacted with the USA, we know it is a great country, with first-class people and third-rate politicians controlled by lobbies. They may consider that the problem with a child is that (s)he does not have a credit card but that does not mean that the population of the USA feels the same way.

Concluding, in the midst of all of this, and unfortunately we are speaking about the tragedy of five deaths and around 180 wounded and their families, we can exonerate the United States of America and its citizens, we can exonerate Russia/Dagestan/Chechnya, we can exonerate Islam.

What we cannot exonerate is a troubled individual with social problems and the extremist indoctrination from Wahhabist sources. This is the true evil, the cancer attacking our world today. Wahhabism is a blasphemy against Islam and those who carry out its dictates insult Allah. Islam is not Islamist. Islamism is a busines$.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey