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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syria: Terrorists on the run?

Field reports from the ground inside Syria point towards a difficult and complex situation, with the country teeming with foreign mercenaries, including westerners, with outside forces using Saudi, Turkey and Qatar as proxies to support minority groups and destabilize the status quo. However, all is not well for the western terrorist darlings.

On the same day that William Jefferson Hague, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, was boasting in the House of Commons about how much aid his Government was giving to the Syrian and foreign groups operating inside the country (and what is he doing destabilizing a sovereign state by supporting opposition groups?), the field reports coming out of Syria indicate that the Syrian Government forces, helped by Hezbollah, are gaining the upper hand in several arenas.

Just before we continue, let us remember that the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office breached international law by supporting the LIFG Libyan terrorist group, proscribed on its own list of terrorist groups, in the Libyan civil war, breached international law by taking sides in an internal conflict, breached international law by performing a spectacular mission creep, surpassing the constraints of UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011).

And what was that which William Jefferson Hague was saying about Colonel Gaddafy aiding the IRA? Now as he boasts in his House of Commons about how much support he is providing to the Syrian opposition, which includes terrorist groups, let us see the field reports.

Al-Qaseir. (You know, the place where that terrorist is holed up, the one who tore the heart out of a Syrian soldier and ate it. Nice friends William Jefferson Hague has). Syrian Army units began penetrating Al-Qaseir around 05.00 on Monday from the south, south-east and south-west, gaining footholds in these areas, expelling terrorists from their positions and sterilizing the areas seized from this filth.

The terrorist elements are currently concentrated, according to the field reports, in the north and north-west of the city. However, Syrian Army forces are also advancing down from the north of Al-Qaseir, where there were violent skirmishes at the village of Al-Hamidiya, when terrorist elements attempted to flee from the city. Many of these elements were exterminated, along with a large number of foreign mercenaries.

The terrorist center of operations and communications was seized and neutralized, and then the Syrian Armed Forces opened a corridor for the citizens to escape the fighting and leave the city.

A large number of foreign mercenaries preferred to surrender before being liquidated - these have been arrested and are currently being identified. Other groups of foreign mercenaries were eliminated in the bombardment of the Al-Bouaydah district.

Elsewhere, Al-Utayba has been purified, the terrorist filth has been definitively liquidated in Latakia Province and the rats are on the run in Idlib, where they sustained massive losses. On Sunday alone, some 800 terrorist elements surrendered to the Syrian authorities.

One of the few players on the international scene calling for a political settlement involving all parties, is as usual the Russian Federation. Compared with the west's puerile and intrusive approach, supporting terrorist groups and declaring that President Assad has no future, is yet again a telling example of their historic imperialist tendencies.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey