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Genuine Protests or US Plan to Destabilize Iran?

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Consequently, the Shah of Iran ruled with an iron fist: secret police, torture, oppression, terror, corruption, in typical USA style. He was your typical paragon of “freedom and democracy” and western values. He was good buddies with American presidents and Israeli prime ministers, and a main instigator of high oil prices. With all his huge oil revenues, he was good for the US military industrial complex and profiteers in the purchase of weapons and kept them very happy, but he was not good for Iranian or American people.

By 1979 the Iranians had had enough. Led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, they managed to drive the Shah from power in the Islamic Revolution that has maintained rule in Iran ever since. The US government’s crimes against Iran were not forgotten, and as a result, the US embassy was seized and the personnel held as US spies for 444 days. Any connection to events of 1953 is always obfuscated and dismissed. But 1953 was and still remains fresh in the minds of Iranians.

This obviously CIA orchestrated attack on Iran is also an attack on people everywhere who agree with Dr. Ahmadinejad and other world leaders who oppose the empire’s lethal tentacles encroaching into every corner of the globe to seek what it may kill, rob or destroy. What the people of the world need to do is defend Iran’s right to determine Iran’s path, in peace and security with the ballot box.

Iranians are a great, cultured, intelligent and fine people. It is not for the CIA or the western corporate media to decide it’s time for regime change. If demonstrators want to scream about fraud and irregularity, then let them start with themselves and full disclosure…let’s see if in some of their bank accounts we might find Bush’s hundreds of millions of dollars. What is the going rate for setting one car on fire? For setting one trash can on fire? For smashing up a car or a building? How many words per minute on Twitter for how many USD? And how does that bring “freedom and democracy”? The international community is getting tired of the color revolution noise and the misery and failure that come with it.

Pages: 12

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