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Neo-Nazism in the United States on the rise

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More than what is registering as the attitude against US Moslems, the only concern expressed by some governmental entity is expressed by the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA fears alleged "terrorists for export,," home grown terrorists, because under this situation there are Muslim Americans who have joined with other places in the opposite direction of their homeland.

The European correlate

It is not just in America where racism is growing, which in turn has swelled the ranks of neo-Nazis.

Also in Europe we are witnessing the strengthening of the groups that give this signal, as governments implement xenophobic policies that affect ethnic and religious minorities. France and Italy are at the forefront.

Both the French and Italian governments have toughened their laws against gypsies. So did Hitler, who eliminated them by the thousands.

On this, there is a void in the European Union itself that "recognizes" the Roma as citizens, but gives them no right to circulate throughout its territory, and does not entitle them to work.

Not to be outdone, the British announced that they fear terrorist attacks from Muslims and everything happens just when the press is dominated with warnings and fears of a new recession and there are ten banks that could fail in the coming months.

To provoke racism is to hide other problems, causing neo-Nazism to grow..

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova

Pages: 12


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