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Obama’s Hope For The World

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Obama’s Hope For The World

By Mark S. McGrew

Barack Obama, AKA Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Sutoro, Barack Soetoro is a liar, a con man and a fraud.

Please don’t take my word for it. Take his. Click here for 158 documented lies.

But, at least you won’t hear any lies from Obama’s Kenyan family, because the Kenyan government put out a Gag Order to keep them from talking to media people.

Barack Obama is a con man because he is making promises that he can’t keep. He has already proven he conned the voters by his chosen cabinet and staff. The World is beginning to realize that he has not changed anything. But the World is going to find out that his chosen associates to help him, as he says in his own words “Rule” over America, are by far the very worst that America has to offer. They will make the Bush and Clinton administrations look like Boy Scouts.

When people start asking questions, con men make themselves scarce. Questions are being asked about Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s relationship with Governor Blagojevich. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Obama is spending two weeks in a $9 million dollar house in Hawaii and Rahm Emanuel took off on a two week vacation to Africa.

America ’s major media has protected him, lied for him, slandered and libeled his Presidential opponents and viciously attacked and labeled anyone who questions his value as “Conspiracy Nuts” or “Racists”.

That is about to change. America’s major media has as a sole function, not to report the news, but to shape public opinion. During his campaign, they shaped Obama into a patient and compassionate gift from Heaven. Now, slowly, they are asking questions about him. Soon, they will shape his image into a hideous beast beyond comprehension. The evidence is available to prove that his ideals, his policies and his stated goals are to transform America into something the Nazis could only dream about: Youth Corps, Forced labor, socialism for the rich, paid for by the poor, military in America’s streets, all leading to complete absolute domination over the American people.

America ’s people will not and are not accepting Obama. The American media is just now realizing that American’s are nowhere near as ignorant and complacent as they thought. And they are learning that World leaders are beginning to question Obama’s desires for the World.

The major media in America will now begin to show why it would be best not to have Obama and his crew in power and Americans will be begging for it to be anything other than what Obama is offering.

It is impossible for Barry Obama to assume the position of President of the United States. It is against the Rights of man, throughout the World, throughout history.

Yes, there have been usurpers, pretenders, imposters, liars, cheats and bunko artists taking over Nations. But they don’t last very long and generally many of their policies are reversed by the next generation of leaders.

If Obama were to take the Oath of Office and become President of the United States of America, and later found to be ineligible under the US Constitution to be President, Americans will suffer in many ways. But equally so, or more so, the entire civilization of the World will suffer.

If Obama is not qualified, nothing he signs will be legitimate. Agencies of Federal, State and Local governments can ignore him. Any Nation on Earth can rescind any agreements he makes with them. And vice versa, future administrations of America can renege on any agreement made that suits their whims.

The United States House of Representatives and the Senate have a duty and took an Oath to defend and protect the US Constitution. If they have not done that, then they also are an illegitimate government and have absolutely no authority to act on behalf of the American People. Any agreements or laws they pass will be illegal. Ambassadors, Secretary of State, Embassy officials all over the World will be rendered sterile.

No Nation, no leader, no military, no corporation and no other entity on Earth will be able to rely on the continuity of America’s trustworthiness. And again, vice versa, any entity will have no obligation to abide by their commitments to America.

The American Constitution is the root of a tree, grown in the soil of Biblical principles, expressed as God’s words in the Ten Commandments. These Ten Commandments are similar to the instructions given to mankind thousands of years ago by all of the World’s religions.

All laws are a branch of the Constitution. The US Constitution does not “give” Rights to Americans. It delegates to the elected officials, to protect and preserve those Rights, which were given to all mankind, of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. No governing body in America can legally take away those Rights. If a government does take away those Rights and replace them with “Privileges” then life is worth only what the government says it is. At their Will, they can determine if you shall be granted the privilege to continue living if they don’t like what you speak or print or what God you choose to worship. In a society like that, in these modern times, not one Nation on Earth is safe from attack and not one human being can be comfortable knowing he will be alive to see the next day.

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