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Putin, be prepared - beware the Ides of March

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By Jim Jones

Putin, Be Prepared - beware the Ides of March. 49483.jpeg

Having set the scene so to speak, in my previous articles, Are You Prepared? and Prepared Or Not It Is Coming, I want to expand further the basic concept of my premise; and hopefully stop at a trilogy.

My final sentence was:

"The questions to ask are; when will this happen - not if; and where will the International Travellers go when the FED collapses?"

The timeframe is really anyone's guess and is largely dependent on the dissemination of verifiable information though such media as the internet, which will counter the public perceptions cemented by the controlled mass media. The realisation that "we have been lied too" will cause a storm in middleclass America. Like a snowball starting it's roll from the top of a snowy crest, it will gather mass as it progresses down the slope, this gathering mass will at some stage - reach tipping point [critical mass] and the whole house of cards, sustained by smoke and mirrors, will collapse.

There are also other factors to consider, most of which are really beyond factoring - such as the reaction of foreign countries to the imminent demise of the FED.  Will there be wholesale selling of the FED Dollar?  What events will trigger public panic? I am no prophet and do not profess to have such a gift; what I can say is that even a blind man can see the writing on the wall for the FED Dollar.  

So, for the first part of the sentence, we can only say that time is short.  This wonderful media called the internet has since it's inception some 20 years ago, provided a vehicle for public opinion which has proven to be impossible for the NWO to control or shut down. Oh, there are sites specifically dedicated to "discrediting" publications that print contrary to the official view and there are systematic cyber hacking attacks against web sites that offer opinion contrary to the official view; but generally, we have a wonderful organ for the open discussion of world events and the challenging of the accepted order.  Dependent on just how well this internet is utilised, will in part, determine the demise of the FED Dollar.

As for the second part of the sentence - "where will the International Travellers go when the FED collapses?"; this is more clear cut. I commented earlier that history repeats -

"What has been will be again,
 what has been done will be done again;
 there is nothing new under the sun."  Ecclesiastes 1:9

We can go back in time, before Christ - to Babylon, and see the fingerprint on human misery of the International Traveller.  His god is money and he migrates to where the money is - infesting the host nation, controlling the supply of money and like some termite, eats away at the very foundations of society, while all the time through his control of money; causing untold misery for the host nation. Destroying the very values and fabric of the nation, bleeding the very life blood of the youth of the nation in senseless wars; the nation is reduced to a worthless façade of what was once it's former glory. Then broken, bankrupt and possessing no further wealth, the International Traveller moves on to greener pastures and the promise of wealth in some other nation.

It is no coincidence that when a nation has been strong religiously, it has been prosperous, healthy and mighty. Be it through Islam and the Ottoman Empire with the spreading of knowledge, trade, arithmetic and protracted periods of stability, to Christianity and the rise of the British Empire corresponding to the huge Christian revival in Britain, to other religions in various parts of the world such as Buddhism. The common thing about religions is that they do not emphasise money - money is not the GOD being worshiped.  This is diametrically opposite to the goal of the International Traveller [and the NWO]; his god IS money and he is opposed to the spread of religions which are against his god.  

Britain was systematically wreaked by the International Traveller - the wealth of the new British Empire was squandered on a World War [one that no one actually wanted, save the International Traveller], the cream of her youth died senselessly on foreign soils, all for the goal of stealing land in Palestine at the behest of the International Traveller and increasing the wealth of the International Traveller.  The Balfour Declaration, conducted in total secrecy in dark rooms between like minded conspirators was to be the reward for "saving Britain" by involving the United States in a War that the people of America had voted overwhelmingly to stay out of! In 1916, Britain was finished - broke, destroyed from within and wanting to sue for peace.  The International Traveller had got all he could from Britain and a new host nation was needed. [However, one thing he still required was the ceding of land from Britain, land which was still controlled by Germany and so Germany had to be defeated]. The wealth of America beckoned - the promise to Britain could be achieved by the manipulation of the people of America.  Sleeper cells of International Travellers, living in America were the catalyst of the new infestation along with the provision of large sums of money; money with which to "buy" people, to control media and to deceive the people of America.

Pages: 1234

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