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White ribbons in America. Will Russians march in solidarity with us?

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By Dr. Orly Taitz

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In the US we've watched protests in Russia, claims of elections fraud and white ribbons of solidarity with dissidents.

But what about the United States of America? The irony is that we, all 311 million Americans  are victims of the biggest fraud in the history of this nation. Specifically, this is the fraud committed by one, Barack Hussein Obama. Unfortunately, the level of corruption among our governmental bureaucrats and judges and heavily censored and manipulated puppet US "main stream" (or truly backwater) media is enormous. Even with the undeniable evidence of fraud committed by  Obama, we are yet to get a court ruling  removing him from the ballot and prosecuting him to the full extent of the law for elections fraud, use of a computer generated forgery, claiming it to be a true and correct copy of his valid birth certificate, use of a stolen Social Security number and hiding his identity under the last name Soetoro and Soebarkah.

Well, I better start from the beginning. As Obama started running for the US Presidency, I could tell that much of what he was saying did not ring true and did not check out.

Probably the most troubling was the fact that he is using a Social Security number assigned to another individual.

In the United States the Social Security numbers were assigned by the states. The first 3 digits of the number that Obama is using, (042) were assigned to the state of Connecticut. Obama was never a resident of Connecticut and there is no legitimate reason for him to have this number.

I can disclose this number and make it public in this article for two reasons:

1. Inadvertently Obama himself made it public when he published his tax returns on line and did not flatten the PDF file. Thousands of individuals around the world opened the file using Adobe Illustrator program and got the number 042-68-4425.

2. We know that this number was assigned to a resident of Connecticut born in 1890. (If you believe that Obama is that person, you can stop reading this article, as nothing will get through to you anyways.)      

In my research I was able to secure assistance of three licensed investigators: retired Scotland Yard senior officer Neil Sankey, licensed investigator Susan Daniels and recently retired senior Deportation Officer  John Sampson. All of them searched different national databases, which are routinely used by licensed investigators and attorneys and came to the same conclusion: Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States and commander in Chief does not have a valid Social Security number. National databases showed his name linked to several Social Security numbers, none of which was issued in the state of Hawaii, where he grew up. The number that Obama used more often for most of his life, is a Connecticut Social Security number issued to a resident of Connecticut, whose date of birth shows as 1890. This was the same number that Obama posted on his tax returns: 042-68-4425.

I personally ran Obama's registration with the selective service with the military. I entered Obama's name, date of birth and the Social that Obama posted on line with his tax returns. It showed that indeed with yet another governmental agency Obama used this Connecticut  Social  Security number 042-68-4425.

Later a researcher by name Linda Jordan ran this number through E-verify, official Social Security verification service. It showed no match between the number  and the name Barack Obama.  

As I was conducting 21 law suits challenging Obama, I was getting thousands of e-mails and comments on my website Among thousands of e-mails were documents that came from concerned citizens from all of the country. Those documents showed more and more evidence of fraud committed by Obama and more and more evidence of unprecedented corruption in the top echelons of power in all three branches of the government and corruption among our manipulated media executives.

I received an e-mail from a retired US air force colonel. Colonel Gregory Hollister ran yet another governmental Social Security Number Verification Service, SSNVS. It showed that the number Obama is using in his tax returns and selective service documents was never issued to Barack Obama.  

I watched the hype media reports about Obama. One of them was an evening report with Katie Couric, who purports to be a top reputable journalist. The report showed Obama's old school in Indonesia. It showed his school records, where Obama was listed as a citizen of Indonesia going under the last name of his step father Lolo Soetoro. The same Katie Couric, who did her best to show the Republican Sarah Palin in a negative light, was just sitting there, staring at the screen without ever posing a question: "What is Obama's citizenship status? Is it America or Indonesian? What is his legal last name?"

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