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Obama's Illegal Aliens vs Arizona’s SB 1070

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Obama's Illegal Aliens vs Arizona’s SB 1070

Mark S. McGrew

It appears that the major media experts can gripe about Arizona’s law to get rid of criminal illegal aliens, but they can’t seem to be able to post a link so that people can actually read it.

So here it is 

They praise the Feds for their lawsuit, predicting it will win, but also don’t appear able to post a link to the Federal lawsuit against Arizona’s SB1070.

So here it is 

Of course the United States Constitution protects Arizona’s Right to self-preservation.

Our Constitution protects all of the States’ Rights that protect their citizens from harm.

First, common sense should tell us that. Does it make any sense, to anyone, that a group of people in 1776 broke their bonds from a tyrannical ruler, only to give all of their freedoms over to a new bunch of bureaucrats?

For 400 years, immigrants from all parts of Earth came to America for freedom, liberty and justice. They did not come here for free handouts. They did not come here to take whatever they could take.

They came to give. They came to give their talents, their work, their money and their lives in order that common men every where could live in peace, free of oppression and prosper according to their own desires.

They came to build a place on Earth where all people were welcome to create, invent and be able to live in an environment where they did not have to fear speaking their minds.

FREEDOM!! That is why they came. They came to build, not destroy. And because of those brave souls, risking their freedom, their lives and their fortunes in the very act of attempting to reach our shores, America was a single stronghold of Liberty for all. A concept totally unheard of in all of mankind’s history.

As those immigrants prospered or their descendants prospered, they gave back into the system that enabled them to live their lives in freedom. Those immigrants gave back to America and in the process, they gave wonderful gifts to people all over the World.

America helped to give to all inhabitants on Earth, electricity, automobiles, telephones, radio, television, airplanes, computers, medical miracles and the most important gift of all: Oil.

Without oil, civilization would come to a grinding halt. If people want to gripe about oil, tell them to eliminate all oil based products from their lives. They can’t.

Illegal aliens give nothing. They only take. Like a cancer eating living cells, illegal aliens drain the lifeblood from society. They assault and obliterate social welfare systems. They use services they don’t need or ones that they just want for free. Hospitals have closed. Schools produce 50% drop out rates, because kids can’t learn with all the Spanish babble going on.

Mexican illegal aliens are by far the dirtiest, most criminal aliens that we have in America. They are rude and arrogant, believing that they have a Right to free food, free housing, and free medical care.

They cut in lines, use their car horns for doorbells, throw their dirty diapers in the streets, toss trash anywhere with no thought, refuse to obey traffic laws, drive drunk, hit and run, rape and murder children, abandon their own children and wives. They are the most God awful selfish things on two legs. They refuse to learn English, which I think is incredibly ignorant. Even 4 year old children speak English. They put giant speakers outside in their yards, turn them up to rock concert level and go inside to party.

Mexican illegal aliens are revolting. And they know it. It is their purpose to disrupt us, interfere with us and give us diseases that we haven’t had in this country for 100 years.

They trash out a public restroom worse than a group of drunks. They pee all over the toilet and the floor. When they wipe their butts, the dirty toilet paper goes on the floor. When the wind blows, their used toilet paper gets picked up by the neighbors, in the neighbor’s yard.

I asked a Mexican one time, “Why do you pee all over the toilet?”

“Because I want everybody to know a MAN used that bathroom.”

The Tohono O’odham Tribal Lands, a Native America Nation, cleans up 4.3 million pounds of trash a year, from illegal aliens passing through their lands. Every year, illegal aliens dump 12,000,000 pounds of clothes, blankets, bottles, toilet paper and all sorts of traveler’s paraphernalia.

Their crimes are the most brutal and senseless of any we see in America.

Along with Mexican criminal illegal aliens, the law enforcement authorities apprehend people from all over the World coming in from Mexico.

The sovereign State Of Arizona has become the gateway for all manner of human filth.

The Mexican military escorts and provides cover for drug smugglers and human smugglers.

Armed Mexican soldiers have been caught over 200 times in the past 10 years, inside America. We have seen their vehicles and have seen their helicopters far inside of American air space. Mexican troops have held our law enforcement personnel at gunpoint on US soil and have actually fired weapons at our law enforcement on US soil.

Under United States Code, Title 18, Chapter 113B, §2331 an “Act of War” is defined as: any act occurring in the course of—

Pages: 1234

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