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Baboon hunting season open

Running out defenseless children around the world to slake their monster vampire lust on - thanks to the masterful diplomacy face blows delivered by Mr Putin arming the free world against the US tyranny - Bush and cabal's evil eye turns to the US.

This is not a bad news per se as some may easily say that the yank deserves the full wrath of its crazed child-killing leadership by now having allowed the mass murder, maiming, and tortures of the innocent, lies, and false flag terror to go unabated for this long.

Insofar, the yank has been no more than a news sideline watcher of the oil genocide, and the deliberate nuclear destruction of now four nations by the evil extremist and fundamentally terrorist criminal US/UK axis. (For those unable to count this high, that's Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Lebanon and every single reason Bush has given for the slaughter has been a proven lie.)

But now, the picture that stems from Bush's own "executive" scribblings bears out that the yank is soon to leave his sideline couch position and taste the US foreign policy in the role of its prey.

Bush's executive orders read like the most diabolical sci-fi novel and outline such a drastic surgery to the US that it should be enough to start an exodus. But, of course, the yank doesn't read, apart from thick-font tabloid headlines, and it's unlikely any of the Bush media whores are going to cover this, as the pro-US vacuous tit-bouncing lip-inflated bimbos have lied for the last at least 7 years 24/7. So don't expect any serious awakening of the sleeping giant genitally-mutilated baboon here.

OK, enough of these fine intro words. Let's delve into Bush's psyche lain bare in his "executive order" to-do list.


Yes, Bush has penned himself the powers to grab everything the yank owns and beyond. Everything!

Exec orders 10990, 10997 through 10999, 11001, 11003, and 11005 outline Bush's takeover of everything including yanks' cars in the US. Under these orders, Bush will seize all roads, highways, ports, airports, railroads, all planes, buses, trains, sidewalks, and yes, yank's private trucks and SUVs.

There's no mention of Bush confiscating bikes or skateboards but given that he'll run the roads, don't bet they'll be much use.

Further, under these exec orders, the entire food supply chain from production to sales will fall into his hands and his hands only, which means the yank's daily calorie intake will be dictated by Bush. That roughly means that starvation will become one of his choice methods to control population if not ubiquitous.

Lots of people will object here saying that no such mass starvation plan is possible in the US. I'd like to remind those that currently 50M in the US, some 20M children, are starving in the US right now.

Under these orders, Bush also grabs electric, gas, and water utilities from local, municipal, cities, and state to boot taking over all aspects of life as the yank knows it.

He also managed to scribble in the takeover of public storage. Me, I'm puzzled about the degree of the truly insane detail here but alas, no public storage either. I guess he doesn't want anyone seeking refuge from his militias there.

These exec orders basically wipe out the US private ownership, all the business associated with it, and take over all aspects of life in the US.


Much like Hitler booted the broken down geezer down the stairs, as he writes in his Kampf book, when this aberrant Austrian took over the German reins, Bush too has a plan to boot the pesky and inefficient US gov't replacing it with his own kin. If they're as honest and upstanding like Rumsfeld or Cheney you can bet it's gonna be lots of fun when new Bush gov't convenes.

Exec orders 11051, 11310, 11049, 11921 outline the bypass of the current leftovers of the US three branch gov't (technically, four branch since Cheney has swung himself onto a new vine last week) and install his own in its place.

In these exec orders, Bush consolidates the entire US gov't into a few dept's of his own which will oversee without any recourse the carrying out of his other exec orders that take over the US and thin the herd.

Specifically, Bush gives his new gov't complete control over all aspects of energy and - pay attention now, yanks - wages, salaries, credit, and in general the entire money flow.

Let's pause here!

Now, note here that Bush shall control "wages and salaries". This means that in this Bush's new world there is to be no free market, no enterprise, no system of supply and demand, and the only employment, if any, shall be for the Bush gov't.

Those yanks still frightened by the ghost of McCarthy, don't freak, this is not communism. You won't get free medical, free education, or won't even be guaranteed a job. This is quite a new economy model so far unnamed. Perhaps, something like Satanism or Diabolicalism may be more suitable.

These exec orders also cancel out the current US congress, as if the assembly of lackeys and paid off war criminals was in any way impeding Bush's madness. Nonetheless, just in case some power remained outside of Bush's harrowing claws, theseexec orders see to it that it's promptly castrated permanent-like to complete the unequivocal Bush dictatorship.

And that's not all! Let's truly understand what these exec orders imply.

It's worth noting here the truly evil substance here that Bush's takeover of "money flow" can only mean one thing: new econ model. It's hard to read any crazed mind, but the only interpretation here indicates that the current corporate dollar system is to be replaced with some stamps or maybe points system dictating who gets to live and who gets to starve. Although subject to interpretation, there is very little else the author of exec orders taking over wages and money flow could have had in mind but total economy dissolution in favour of some gov't run slavery system.

Specifically, exec order 11921, if you can't believe what you're reading, could only mean the end of US enterprise market system and the installment of some new gov't run economy where the gov't has monopoly on everything.


Now, the truly diabolical stuff. If the review of exec orders above didn't send shivers down your spine, this will.

Orders 10995, 11000, 11002, 11004, and the recent new one penned over the last weekend, outline the actual physical, military attack on the US dweller. In these Bush gives himself the full and total control over the lives of the US citizen.

Well, first of all, like all good dictators, Bush is planning a full TV, radio, and the Internet(s) shut down, as if the US media wasn't the forked tongue of the Bush beast already. This is no doubt to prevent a potential uprising by containing all information.

These orders plan to "mobilise" his militias like FEMA, which has been "armed" against the US citizen now. And let's not forget that FEMA arrived in New York on September 10th ready "to go into action the following morn". Yes, exec order 11000 gives Bush the power to "mobilise" militias against the US public. The dry run thereof we all watched during the mass drownings in New Orleans.

Why you ask? Why should Bush wage war against the US citizen? Well, the exec orders don't explain the sheer lunacy but if you're asking this question, you're six years too late. There exists no evidence that supports any of Bush's lies about 911. Boeings don't vapourise or squeeze themselves through 12 foot holes. It's that simple! The war against the US citizen was launched years ago and the US has been occupied territory ever since. Asking why today is neither here nor there. Today, you should be asking what the hell you're gonna do.

These exec orders are so frightening one would believe one is reading some deranged sci-fi about some insane tyrannical dictatorship on some other planet of some ape creatures that Kirk and Spock are battling. But rest assured, these are Bush's plans for you, the US.

Under these exec orders, the Post Office is to become some bizarre citizen registrant office. There doesn't seem to be much on whether it keeps delivering spam door to door. But certainly there is the enabling the post masters to become some type of gov't spy/registration network.

This is truly diabolical stuff and you should have a read for yourself. If David Icke is right, and so far he has been as he predicted these to come years ago, the registration will be done with RFID chips making a nice little database of every human in the US for Bush to play with on his big plasma screen on his sprawling luxury ranch. (I am neither associated with David Icke nor I buy the lizard shape shifting but let's face it, he's been predicting these orders with certain accuracy. So let's give credit where credit's due. Truly, I have nothing to do with him. In fact, David Icke has never even been arsed enough to at least reply to any of my questions.)

The grand slam of it all is exec order 11004, which gives Bush depts the right to simply erase, relocate, blockade, move, and close down any township, community, city, area, etc.

What? Say what!

Yes. Bush is so mighty he can simply blockade any town if he so desires or move it with the people somewhere he thinks more appropriate.

Now, anyone who watched Katrina knows what's this all about and where will be US communities moved. No doubt, to this end, Bush commands 800 concentration camps strewn around the US today waiting to be filled up. For those not believing their eyes again, Bush gave Chertoff 500M in just the 2007 budget for the general upkeep of what they call more fetchingly "Forced Labour Public Detention Centres".


Let's don't get sidetracked here and try focusing a little bit on the Bush dreamworld. Let's imagine it.

The US TVs pump the same lies. The web returns 505. No one knows a thing on the street but suddenly the dollar is no more. People fear but for themselves. Probably some bombs explode and the US media reminds everyone "the US is under attack". Bush blames the evil overseas terrists (sic) for conspiring against the US currency and promises to bring on help with some Amero food stamps programme. Meanwhile, Canada and Mexico become the US but no one knows, not even most of Canada. By the time people work it out, it's too late.

The US market grinds to a halt. The stocks crash and burn. Banks seize accounts and properties. Corporations fall like dominos, safe for those making a buck on Bush's wars. Prices of food, water, and electricity rocket. Lines form in front of gas stations and supermarkets requiring emergency militias to "control" them. Mayhem ensues and the rowdy begin to vanish off the streets. The dying are swept up at night into trucks and carted off into labour camps.

Blighted areas are cordoned off and under the guise of protecting the rest of the US communities, fatal power is authorised against the starving mobs. Some areas are razed and executive order 11004 goes into effect: "communities are relocated".

Some people are given the choice to join Bush militias and wardens and choose going against their family. Brother kills brother. Starvation and disease spread taking toll. Now, people know that 911 was Bush and some recall reading this article and waving their baboon paws "aaaah bullshit". They feel the right bunch of dimwits and smirk in total disbelief. US flags decorate every house left standing. No one dares even give it a shifty look.

Some will resist but shall be promptly mowed down just like the students in Virginia in the false flag op. No nation in the world meddles in. No general uprising revolts against the occupation from within.

Those allowed to work and survive are registered, kept track of with RFIDs over satellites, and given certain amount of calories enough to survive and do their job. They become complacent just like all the yanks have after they watched themselves attacked by own gov't on 911.

After all, they think, they're alive. Others, however, aren't so lucky. Tens of millions slave in Chertoff's Forced Labour Public Detention Centres. Many townships cease to exist altogether and cities become mass self-extermination prisons in the martial law lockdowns.

This is NOT my sci-fi tale for some flat Hollywood bimbo bullshit film. This is what's in Bush's presidential executive orders. You don't even need imagination as much of this is pretty detailed out.

However, if you think there's gotta be a different interpretation and you can't grasp that this isn't the kind of future Bush has in mind for the US, go read the exec orders listed here and share your wise thoughts, you western child-murder watcher.

Pete H

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Ukraine is Washington's latest imperial trophy, a Nazi-infested US vassal state, illegitimately installed by Obama's coup d'etat against democratic governance.

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