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America is under attack

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Oh, the IMF get a copy!  "Now listen guys, we have to increaseour interest rate to 5% because you are a greater risk now [usury];  - (usually by having to refinance).  What do you mean, you can't pay that rate?".  "OK, then you have to implement our policies of austerity, you need to reduce government spending, contract the economy and so that you can pay us more".

This sets a downward spiral in the economy, a recession kicks in and government takings [tax revenue] is diminished because of less production, more unemployment and more payment for welfare [is this sounding familiar - it should be].  The government is close to default - panic sets in, the effects of the austerity measures take full force and the citizens finally revolt. The government is ousted and new elections are called.

Waiting in the wings is a political party with funding [wonder where that came from?].  This party promises to get the country out of the trouble with some help from the IMF and their friends in the World Bank.  People are desperate to ease the suffering - they are prepared to give any government a chance that can ease the hardship and turmoil.  And so, an IMF/World Bank puppet government is elected.

First item on the agenda - sell off state owned assets - get money for them so we can pay off a loan. Wait a minute, who is going to buy the State Owned assets?? Certainly not the citizens of the country, [besides, the citizens of the country ALREADY own the assets, why should they buy back what they already own?] the country is bankrupt and so are it's people!  Silly me, of course I forgot, the IMF families with their multi-nationals have money [they make it] they can pay worthless money for the assets to pay off a worthless loan.

Now, having stripped a county of infrastructure assets, the next thing is to sell of industry - yep, privatisation/deregulation! Open up the industry and farming to "overseas buyers". [Guess who they are?].  A multi-national company buys out a viable a previously profitable local company.  They then strip that company - take what labour resources they feel are useful and close the factory because they already have a factory somewhere else that can make the same and they don't want added competition.  Oh, 500 out of work - sorry - that's the real market forces at play.

Soon the country is drained of all wealth, incapable of earning it's way out of any debt it might obtain [certainly not capable of exporting to sustain itself] and becomes dependant on the IMF/World bank for survival - Enter SERFDOM!

What, you find this hard to follow?? - OK, Google up Argentina economic collapse.  Read what happened to that country and how they have suffered for 10 years with little likelihood now of recovery.  Sure you will read famous economists spouting forth their various economic theories and maxims - but they are wedded to the IMF doctrine like a doctor who has to prescribe drugs because the drug company taught him and funds him.  Skip past the various woolly explanations of why things happened and look at what happened.  Then look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland etc and see if you can spot the same pattern happening there - coincidence?? Not likely! 

Don't stop there  - look at America - prize jewel for the IMF banksters. America is being set up for IMF Riot.  Surely you can see that?! Over 32% of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the US since 2000; almost 60,000 factories mothballed since 2001.  As in New Zealand, American coal mines are being shut down - Obama promising to bankrupt anyone opening a new one; who's behind this global warming nonsense anyway?? Follow the money!  [China is opening coal mines as quick as it can].  Everywhere you look in America, you see the tale-tail signs of a government preparing for rioting.  Recently the Justice Department said that it was lawful for Obama Drones to kill American citizens on American soil, under the National Defence Authorisation Act.  The Army has a plan for attacking Militias. You have the very spectacle of Battlefield America - Americans being killed by their own government, on American soil!  How did you let it get to this??

I've pick out only a minuscule number of items here, the list is actually quite long and open to anyone who cares to look at the legislation that has been ratified to remove civil liberties in American and ready America for rioting.

Does any of this make sense? Can anyone see what is happening?

There is only one county in modern history that has managed to pull itself out of the clutches of the Banksters - Germany.  Banksters did their utmost to destroy Germany after WWI - Lloyd George stated that he was amazed that the statesmen of the world were cast aside and the Bankers drew up the treaty terms.

Germany was utterly bankrupted - destroyed totally under crippling debt.  One person realised this danger and turned Germany from a 3rd world country to the world superpower in the space of 5 years. From taking a wheelbarrow full of Deutschmarks for a loaf of bread to buying your food from loose change in your pocket based on Reichsmark s.  All he had to do is what nations around the world need to realise and do - he removed the Banksters money from Germany and printed his own!!

Pages: 1234

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