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Author`s name Ольга Савка

The Rape of Iraq

Saddam Hussein forecast what would happen to his country in his work "Zabiba and the King"

After the vicious and murderous assault on Iraq by the US/UK alliance, in which it was patently obvious that neither human life nor the rule of law deserved a modicum of respect from the Bush and Blair regimes, follow the bounty hunters: gangs of thieves raping Iraq, stealing its considerable archaeological resources and destroying the National Library in its entirety.

This army of looters is digging up everything it can from many of the country's 10,000 registered archaeological sites, taking vases, cuneiform tablets, statues, coins and urns of incalculable historical and cultural value, some of the artifacts three to four thousand years old. As the treasures of Iraq are ransacked by this bunch of thieves, many of whom are armed with semi-automatic weapons, nobody seems willing, or able, to stop them.

Where are the US troops, who under the Geneva Convention have the obligation to guarantee the peace as the invading force? The anarchy that reins in Iraq is proof that the United States of America has yet again failed to honour its duties under international law, something which is becoming the norm for the Bush regime.

Among the sites pillaged are the ancient cities of Isin, Uruk, Larsa and Fara. However, it is not only the sites which are being desecrated. In Baghdad, UNESCO estimates that between two and three thousand pieces are still missing from the National Museum, while the entire contents of the National Library have been reduced to a pile of ashes and up to 1,500 pieces have gone missing from the Museum of Fine Arts.

Mounir Bouchenaki, assistant director for cultural affairs at UNESCO, calls the situation "a cultural disaster", claiming that the affirmations by the US forces that "around 25 pieces" are missing, "a distortion of the truth". A "distortion of the truth"? Or blatant, barefaced lies? George Bush's forces have performed a replay of the barbaric deeds of Genghis Khan, the Destroyer of Civilization. History will draw its own conclusions about this Presidency of the United States of America.

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