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Making sense out of Syria

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The conflicting stories coming out of Western sources over Houla get more suspicious by the day. Given that the West in general, and the FUKUS Axis in particular, has tried to pull false flag events before, and given that they are itching to find an excuse to enter Syria, no surprises. What is going on? A disgusting manipulation, using kids.

The west (FUKUS Three and NATO) and its terrorist minions in Syria is perpetrating the most appalling and shocking barefaced attempt to dupe the world's governments and people in an attempt to create a casus belli in Syria.

For a start, let us use common sense on the Syria story because it is a story that could easily start a major international conflagration and before we start, let us remember as we discuss who did what that the murder of innocent civilians and in particular children, goes against the grain of common human civilization and violates any norms of decency. These children are the victims and they should be in the forefront of our memories...but let us apportion the blame to who committed the act and not wrongly blame other innocent parties for the crime.

Regular armies do not commit massacres, mercenaries and terrorists do

Massacring children also goes against the grain of what regular armies do, anywhere on the planet. It is by now evident that the "Houla massacre" was not caused by long-range artillery shelling of civilian homes because the bodies are intact and appear to have been killed by knife wounds, close-range shooting or RPG fire. This does not however go against the grain of mercenaries or special forces, whose trademark is slitting throats, as we saw in Libya, where the FUKUS Axis special forces and their terrorist friends ran amok slicing breasts off women, raping girls, impaling boys with sticks, torturing old men and women and murdering, torching and looting. We have seen it before.

They have tried it before in Syria

And given that many of the so-called "Syrian" terrorists are in fact these same Libyan terrorists, we now start to read the book and the story with other eyes. It is patently obvious to those of us with international contacts that the FUKUS Axis is itching to get its claws into Syria and will try to do so first by creating false flag events, as it did in Libya, as it did in Iraq, as it did in Kosovo. The chemical weapons attack (chemical weapons allegedly smuggled to the Turkish border from Libya) outed by me in this column several months ago before they had the chance to carry it out did not materialize, and now we have the massacre of Houla just as Kofi Annan appears, on cue to start a massive media campaign.

Now when Russia told the story as it is, there were at first howls of derision from some of the same media outlets, but now silence as they see their story failed. So what next? An Iraq-style attack outside the UNSC, hoping that public opinion would carry them through on the backs of the children they massacred or had massacred?? Is this after all another western mail-order massacre? If so, how callous and evil can you get?

The facts

Firstly, regular armies do not go around slaughtering children. Secondly, there is plenty of evidence of excellent relations between the Syrian Armed Forces and the children they protect from this western-backed scourge. Thirdly, we saw what the western-backed terrorists are capable of in Libya.

Fourthly, the immediate allegations were of sustained artillery barrages. Why then are the bodies intact? Why has the story now changed? Fifthly, would anyone put it past the terrorists to dress up in Syrian Army uniforms and try to incriminate the authorities? Sixth, what about the claims by the Syrian government that it had nothing to do with the massacre, after admitting there were terrorist elements in the area? Why are they ignored?

Point number seven: How can the west argue that "even if the massacre was not committed by the Syrian government, the fact is that it failed to protect the people" a day after it accused the said government of the same? Point number eight: Who is financing and arming the Syrian terrorists?

Point number nine: Who profits? Are the Syrian Armed Forces going to massacre children under the noses of the UN inspectors? Would the Syrian Armed Forces or any Army formation do such a thing? Of course not. It was a staged mail-order massacre, ordered by the west, perpetrated by their terrorists in Syria and peddled on their media outlets. What a cynical and disgusting manipulation of the truth, using tens of children as victims.

Those who have tried to make footage from this should be disgusted with themselves and may their souls burn in Hell for the rest of eternity. How disgusting, how despicable and how shameful, Messrs. Cameron, Hague, Clinton, Obama and Hollande.

Eye-witness accounts tell a different story

"Large numbers of militia from Ar-Rastan attacked on May 25 at 20.00 two villages in the Province of Homs - Tal-Dow and Al-Hula. Now, the village Tal-Dow under the control of government forces. There, as well as in Al-Hula, militants killed young children. In particular, in the same family killed three children - two boys and a girl, the eldest of whom went to the fifth grade. Their mother was raped and shot. All killed in his house shot in the head".

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