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Cindy McCain Visits Serbian Kosovo

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Cindy McCain Visits Serbian Kosovo

John McCain’s Major Foreign Policy Gaffe - On the campaign trail, John McCain has been claiming that he is the candidate with experience, the one most competent in foreign policy, while his opponent lacks experience. If foreign policy is John McCain's major strong point, then he is in serious trouble.

Cindy McCain, whose husband courted her while he was still married (they were married one month after his divorce from his first wife in 1980), who stole drugs from her own charity, is visiting mafia friends in the Serbian province of Kosovo, thereby attempting to lend legitimacy to the illegitimate mafia in control of the province, thanks to NATO aggression.

CNN reported on her drug addiction

"…she became addicted to painkillers after undergoing two spinal surgeries. The addiction eventually led her to steal pills from her own American Voluntary Medical Team." This was a charity she was working for that was set up to help impoverished kids.

The declaration of independence by Albanian mafia leaders, which has implicitly been recognized by Cindy McCain's visit to Pristina, is a major threat to global peace and security and shows a major deficit in understanding the implications of one‘s actions.

This is nothing new for John McCain, a subject which will be explored in depth in the near future. Sending his wife to Kosovo confirms that McCain accepts Clinton's fraudulent version of what happened there and that he agrees with Bush and wishes to continue as a neo-Bush complete with his total ineptitude as a leader in all respects. Let’s also take a look at this Thaci creature that Mrs. McCain visited, shook hands with and has sought to give legitimacy to.

Hashim Thaci

Hashim Thaci, who won in recent parliamentary elections in Serbian province of Kosovo, has been on an arrest warrant list which the police in Kosovo-Metohija issued upon the order of the District Court in Pristina ten years ago.

The arrest warrant specifies that Thaci, who goes under the name of Snake, is a member of an ethnic Albanian terrorist gang, a commander of the KLA Political Directorate, and that he has taken part in a number of terrorist attacks against members of the police in the southern Serbian province, therefore the District Court in Pristina sentenced him in absentia to ten years in prison. By the Court Council verdict, Thaci and his 14 fellow fighters were found guilty on July 11, 1997 of a number of terrorist acts.

Apart from ambushing and attacking police officers, Thaci’s gang also organized an attack on a secondary school center (they threw hand grenades into classrooms) and a terrorist attack on the military barracks in Vucitrn, where the Yugoslav Army conscripts were trained, in 1996.

The KLA, led by Thaci, also viciously attacked 300 defenseless Serb civilians in Prizren, including 10 Orthodox priests and Bishop Artemije at the Monastery, urinated on religious effigies, smashed statues, raped several nuns, destroyed the Statue of Emperor Dusan and slaughtered those who resisted. This massacre is one of countless others perpetrated by these Albanian terrorists against Serbs – at Grace, at Pec, at Racak and as recently as August 2003, when Serbian children were massacred at Gorazdevac.

The goal of Snake Thaci’s terrorist group was to "inflict organized and coordinated acts of violence throughout the southern Serbian province, inspired by the political goal of severing this region from Serbia and forming a separate state on its territory." Thanks to NATO benefactors, Thaci sits at the head of a terrorist drug and people trafficking artificial, illegitimate and mostly unrecognized state.

The war against Yugoslavia was erroneously portrayed by the corporate media as a "humanitarian" intervention. Not new for US administrations, it was waged on the basis of the Clinton Administration’s lies of a "genocide" being waged against Albanian Muslims in Serbian Kosovo. The Clinton Administration's war against Yugoslavia killed more people than the Serbian anti-terrorist campaign in Kosovo.

Serbia was involved in trying to hold Yugoslavia together when the empire, Germany and various Arab and Muslim states decided to carve the nation up in order to create a series of controllable vassal states. They succeed by the brute force of the law of the jungle to create a drug and people trafficking terrorist center in the very heart of Europe. Meanwhile, many Christian churches In Kosovo have been destroyed, and many Serbs, who are Christians, have fled the province.

Serbian troops were forced to withdraw in exchange for an international guarantee that Serbia would retain sovereignty over Kosovo, but the province would get substantial autonomy. The US agreed to that in UN Resolution 1244, but that agreement was violated, along with many principles of international law, when the Bush Administration recently recognized Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia.

McCain claims he wants to wage war against Islamic radicals, but he supports Muslim extremist expansionist power in Kosovo and even gifting them for their acts of savage, brutal terrorism with their own state. This is a major foreign policy blunder. McCain has to know that recognizing Kosovo's independence has split Western nations and even NATO itself.

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