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The End of Humanity: All of us are living in a torturing and killing World

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The End of Humanity: All of us are living in a torturing and killing World

We all live in a world of perpetrators and are identifying us with the powerful, the rich and the influent persons in this World. The other truth is, that we all are living our reality in a victims-World - have always been and always will be. We live in a perpetrators world but in fact 99 percent of human beings have in all times been victims of the eternally same horrible creatures.

Listen to the following sound:

"We tortured young people to death with all possible methods: Some were burnt to death on a net of metal made glow by electricity. Some other students or journalists were slowly drowned to death over hours. But we were never satisfied in our lust to kill as painfully as ever possible. With the consent and knowledge of CIA and government, my torturing monsters did with the victims whatever they wanted.”

This, in fact, was a report of a penitent torturer, an "employee" of the Marine School in Buenos Aires, interviewed by some Red Cross guy in Argentina. And the text did not appear on the front-page of NZZ, Times, Le Monde or some other newspaper. In fact, I have read the above interview about 1970, travelling in the train from Zurich to my home, and it was printed on one of the last pages of that cultural newspaper.

At that time, I believed still in order and justice and was absolutely sure that the next day all media will be taking up this terrible matter. But in fact, as always, nothing ever happened and still happens to this very day. This goes also for this report here: Nothing will never ever happen…. one could bet a fortune of a lifetime that this state of affairs reflects present reality.

Now, my report about Videla's generals and their awful killers and torturers could be repeated for Pinochet's Chile and almost all nations in South and Central America. With the consent, yes with the instructions and know-how of the CIA and all US-presidents of 50 years, these incredible massacres were planned and executed during decenniums. These monsters still live under us in all possible luxury and wealth, whereas the whole intelligentsia of a future to come, in form of students, journalists, editors, writers, lawyers and beautiful young ladies, was gone for ever….

Take some other examples of our beautiful Huxley- or Orwell-World from the recent past:

- Hitler killed with the consent of rest-Europe six million Jews, Homos and Romas. And in German-Japanese World War, about 100 million humans died, not mainly Germans or Japanese or Italians, but mainly Russians, Poles, Chinese and allies from the USA, England, France and other.

- Stalin was entitled by his folks to deport millions of human beings, mainly from the south of Ex-Soviet Union, but Putin has not yet got the idea what happened in his own nation…

- Mao had good reasons to fight his struggle against right-wing generals of worst nature. But when he started his "revolution for culture", the best people of China were tortured and eliminated for no good reasons at all.

- The Japanese have committed the worst crimes ever, studying on human experiments in China and other South Eastern Nations in Asia - and Koizumi still visits all shrines possible for criminal war perpetrators…

- The US-Americans have, for capitalistic reasons, napalmed and killed with Christmas-Bombing between two to three millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians. Every American body has been counted, none Asian has been counted. Still today, one single American counts more in all Murdoch-Medias of this world than thousands of their victims…

- In Israel, we witness some peculiar art of holocaust on Palestinians. But nobody, especially not the US-Americans, are able to see what happens. But when the victims strike back by making explode their own bodies, everybody agrees that now, one can see the true terrorists. Impotency and distress, that went ahead of this situation, very never seen.

- The "terrorists" in this world are tailor-made: The Taliban was created by those who are breaking out in tears about the criminal acts of some Bin Laden. What an awful hypocrisy! And this goes for most of the so called terrorists, whereas the true terrorist of states are never ever mentioned, all the people and presidents planning atrocious crimes throughout the world with their "intelligence"-services. Don't be astonished about 9/11, it was tailor-made by the victims themselves…

- We have uncountable victims throughout the world from dictatorships in South and Central America, Africa and Asia, for which the USA, Russia (Ex-Soviet-Union) and other criminal nations should bear the entire responsibility - and been put in jail or exported to Guantanamo. But in fact, these states still dictate to the world what democracy, freedom and justice should be for our society, corrupted by money, stock exchanges and a complete lack of empathy, justice or logics for a living in peace between nations and groups of people, with totally distinct starting points when coming on Earth, for which each religion claims his own "human" God. If I were God, this "humanity" would have gone from paradise Earth - long time ago…

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