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Rob O'Brien: Terrorism unites

I want to say that all of the people in the United States mourn for your losses due to the raised level of terrorism your people are facing. It is a horrible thing that these people who exploit our vulnerabilities to advance their agenda of hate can exist in our time. They claim injustice, they claim many things, don't believe it. What can justify the brutal carnage of innocent people?
Russia has been reluctant to support the U.S. in it's war on terror, we understand. You have your own form of terrorism that you face and feel that supporting us will only cause to inflame them even more. The time to think this way is over. Terrorism knows no boundaries or political reason. We must now unite and stand together as allies and friends in peace and freedom.
At the Republican National Convention last night, Laura Bush reminded us of the times during the cold war when children lived in fear of nuclear war. We held civil defense drills where children were told to hide under their desks.... we don't hide under our desks any more. We must face our enemies or they will destroy us. We must face them together.
It is time to forget the back room deals made with these people in the past. It is time to stand on the side of what is right. I sincerely hope that our governments can work together to foster an environment where terrorists have no refuge. Where their ideologies become outdated and people see the benefits of freedom. Together we can both benefit from the elimination of these hate filled despots and their minions.
I hope that we can see positive things from the latest events. A closer relationship with each other, a mutual return from our sacrifices for freedom and the dignity that all humans deserve.
Rob O'Brien, USA

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