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George Person: Name of Israel RESPONSE

Getting involved in Israel's politics is the domain of angels or devils....for there's no mortal solution to the problem of peace in Israel...it will require direct divine intervention...for the Palestinians are fully immersed into the Satanic shadows, where thoughts of murder and violence grow in the piety of their mortal suffering...the perfect disciples of destruction as their god of despair promises them carnal rewards of sexual delight to fulfill the manhood of their denied spirits, as they step forward to self-destruction...and murder...
Currently, Israel is the home of over a million Arabs citizens who didn't freak out when the United Nations allowed the creation of Israel following WWII...the only thing the Palestinians had to do was calmly go on with their lives and live in peace with the new majority of the old Palestine, which through its biblical roots resurrected the antiquity of its past through the modern state of Israel.....a 5700 year religious history...the longest spiritual chain of the Western world...from which Christianity was born....and the Muslims grafted onto…through the seed of Abraham...
If Israel is willing to live with a million Arab citizens, why shouldn't they live with the Palestinians too?!
Yet, because of all the violence between both groups, they are going to need a cool down period...how long ...who knows...but the Palestinians need to prove they can live in peace before they can get the peace process going and start getting permanent access to the Holy Land of Israel...and start establishing the right to once again walk down all the streets of this ancient land as its peaceful citizens...where the spiritual destiny of mankind lives and breathes...through the Prophets and their dreams...
How immensely the lives of the Palestinians would have benefited by being in the presence of the Jewish spirit of genius and teamwork! Where the wealth of the world's Jews poured into Israel creating a New Jerusalem...where all the nations of the world would anxiously await the arrival of the Master of the human race whom is the Creator of the Universe....how truly petty the Palestinians were, by not just learning how to live with a group of people who were ready to unleash the power of their genius in the sight of all that is Holy to survive and thrive in a very hostile world...the only thing the Palestinians thought about was me...the common man of the Arab world latched onto the suffering of the Palestinians as a scapegoat for their failures, while their oil rich rulers with ungodly amounts of money, just let the Palestinians wallow in the dirt so they can be a dagger in the side of Israel...with the crappy support the Palestinians got from their Arab brothers, they would be immensely better off converting to Roman Catholicism...at least they would be guaranteed a lot of financial support through the power of the Catholic Church...and a religion which would make a true impact on their lives and elevate them as spirits in this world...

Men like Saddam just add to the fires of greed...going into Kuwait, he grabbed 20% of the world's oil supplies...we liked Saddam, but not that much...and he needed to learn that stealing was wrong and creating instability in the Middle East was a cardinal sin which would ultimately lead to foreclosure of his political power and the end of his reign over the Iraqi peoples...
The moral question for you, relative to Osama bin Laden, is this - "Are you ready to forgive him on the Day of Judgment if you experience, first hand, nuclear fires burning your skin and the Ebola virus destroying your body that was caused by Osama's terrorist organization, where after wards you lived in mutilation and lingering death caused by one man's vain ambition to fulfill his misguided and deranged vision of himself as a world spiritual leader and voice of the Muslim peoples?!”
When it comes to unquestioning support of Israel, it really amounts to what you stand for...."Do you believe that salvation comes from the Jews through Jesus Christ?!" Some people might feel they risk going to hell if they attack the Jews and never want to allow one single negative thought to ever enter their minds about a race of people, whom God introduced Himself many thousands of years ago...some people take their religion very seriously, too, in America...after all, this country was founded by pilgrims who were very religious, and President Bush is a descendant who can trace his lineage right back to the Mayflower, which left England for a new world a very long time ago...
A Catholic Prophecy says that the end of the conflict between Christians and Muslims will occur only after a comet or asteroid hits the Earth! After the asteroid hits the Earth, the balance of power in the world is so drastically altered, that the Muslim Middle East invades Europe, and commits massive atrocities....it’s so bad the Pope is forced to abandon Rome....
In this struggle, a French military officer will emerge with the spirit and genius of a resurrected Napoleon, and will drive the Muslim world back...so fierce and powerful was the counter attack, the Muslim world surrenders and is forced with the edge of the sword to convert to Christianity or die...well, after witnessing the great comeback of Europe, the Muslim world didn't have any trouble with converting to Christianity...for they finally witnessed the full strength of the Christian spirit on a level battlefield...and were won over to the Church of Christ....ushering in an era of world peace...
What's in a name?!...that's up to you...as for me I put my money on Israel as the true religion and destiny of the human race, where the Holy Spirit will one day reveal to the Muslim world, their destiny and place in God's universe...as all people move towards their Creator in love and purity...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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