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Roger Dann: Desperate moments of hostage crisis

Dear Sir,
during these desperate moments, which we have been watching on television as they are broadcasted, many thoughts roam our brains. The most  obvious been the best way to resolve it, and have these people in charge, thought of everything. In years gone by, EOKA B members, having reacked disaster on the island of Cyprus, were attending Church every Saturday, to repent their actions. today's terrorists in Russia are unlikely to do that, they are not Christians and they will not accept that taking hundreds of young children hostage is totally unacceptable.

Based on the above Mr Putin, what about drafting into the Russian Army all male Chechens, between the ages of 14 and 60,  without exception for rehabiliation. Financial help should be available for their families. Desperate moments need desperate measures. Stalin does not give a Damn about what people say and write about him, from his vantage point. His
aims were accomplished, regardless.  Mr Putin, make history as well.

Roger Dann,