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D Slavovich Ratz: Bush Administration supports terrorism

Whatever slim chance of voting I had for Bush is gone.  I would rather put a needle through my toe than poke the chad by his name...
High ranked Russian terrorist Ilyas Akhmadov was given asylum in the United States this week.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security decided to give it a go (green light), and withdrew an appeal to block "foreign minister" of terrorist Organization Icheria.  Icheria is responsible for thousands of deaths of Russian citizens who were murdered in southern Russia.

There are 60,000 (sixty-thousand) households in Sacramento County alone that are registered as Russian speaking!  Since large Russian families come from Ukraine, unlike Russia which is known for small families, we can multiple a household by five.  So, yielding 300,000 Russians in Sacramento County alone!  A very rough estimate of Russians in America (many of whom immigrated over the last decade in a half), those that came as original European settlers, those that came during the Russian revolution, and Russians immigrants after W.W.II, I think 9,000,000 is acceptable for a rough number.  In other words Bush just forfeited a tight race, LITERALLY!

Another result that could be drawn from this, is a Russian will not vote for Kerry (some Russians will), but none the less this will give rise to a third party.  I probably will vote for Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party).

Libertarian Party is for a free-market economy, and of free trade.  Kerry supported action in Yugoslavia.  Many Slavs died there from American bombs, and this alienated many Slav voters from the Democratic Party (me being among them).  Now with terrorist(s) getting shelter under Bush Administration, not much of an alternative other than Libertarian Party.  Plus Badnarik sounds Slavic.

So in November when all the talk will be about how Libertarian Party (Badnarik) cost Bush a reelection and there will be all this talk about how it's his economic policy.  Know that it's because of today.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA