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True American Patriot: Fahrenheit 9-11

I have seen Michael Moore’s movie the day it came out and I was awestruck. It was the first time in about four years that there has been anything in the major media that showed any honest critique of the Bush Administration whatsoever let alone accomplishing it at the level it did. It is if we have been in some sort of Orwellian parallel universe where right is wrong, wrong is right, all the lessons we have learned from history were somehow thrown out the window and replaced by anything the media had told us, and fear reigns.

The simple fact is that we as a country have been lied to for the past few years by a man whose only credentials for the presidency was that he came from a blue blood background and so therefore will serve his own kind unashamedly. Forget about the Texas cowboy persona that he tries to emulate. This is nothing more than PR by the people behind Bush in order to get votes from uneducated westerners who actually believe he has their best interests in heart and not that of the financial and corporate elite. These are the people who are jokingly referred to as “useful idiots” behind closed doors. The real truth is Bush comes from New England Old Money that can be traced back to the Russell and Harriman families of Connecticut.

This is the same group of people who propped up the president’s grandfather Presscott to rise through the political spectrum to become a congressmen. This is also the same man who while working for Brown and Harriman Trading Company on Wall St. was federally indicted by the Roosevelt Administration for trading with Hitler and Nazi Germany during WW2. This is a matter of historic record and it was only after this story broke publicly that George H. Bush later joined the Navy for damage control. 

What Michael Moore did was true genius. He showed in an entertaining fashion the fact the “W” and his business partners have dealings with the very same people who supposedly committed the acts of 9-11! Wake up people, this last sentence I just stated explains just about everything that has gone on in this country for the past few years. It tells the true story of the “War on Terror” and it tells the motivations of just about every lie this administration has told on the backs of the working class and on the bodies of dead American soldiers, not to mention the three thousand civilians killed on 9-11! But this all OK to them, just wave a flag and say “God Bless America” and all will be all right. 

Think people! The only absolute throughout history has been the corruption of power by the people at the top of the social hierarchy. Could this be what is really going on? Perhaps if we had a fair and balanced rebuttal to all of this I would be dismissed ad homonym as a “conspiracy theorist” but this still doesn’t address the root issue that every single American must ask as it is their true patriotic duty: How could an event like 9-11 of happened in the first place without purposeful negligence or outright treason by people in or close to the Bush Administration?  

Are we to think that somehow the human constants that have existed since the birth of humanity like greed and corruption must somehow now not exist simply because we are told so by the very people in the positions of power in society who have historically been the abusers of such power? If you believe the Bush administration this is the case, but with their history of honesty I think now is the time that some rational open minded questions pertaining to the above topics should be asked by the general populace. God Bless Michael Moore!


A True American Patriot