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Charles Fargo: US continues political farce

As long as I can remember American policy, our servants running government at the federal level, have always had  some problem  with certain ethnic groups here at home.

Starting with George Washington.  When he was the first US President, he initiated the genocide of  Native American Indians that helped the English during the American Revolution.   Entire communities  of the Iroqouis Confederacy
within New York State and surrounding areas were wiped out with   THE ORDER OF THE DAY.  Nothing was left alive.

American Indians' genocide started  in the late 1700's and ended in the early 20th century. General George Custer  in history was made a hero of this genocide.

Coming forward in time.  VIET NAM,  Lt. Calley  and My Lai.  His orders were to leave nothing standing, leave nothing alive.   HMMMM?  This sounds like the American Indian story.

TODAY!!!!!  The mistreatment of the prisoners at the prison in Iraq.   The higher-ups allegedly knew nothing and the subordinates  claiming  that it wasn't reported.   May I state that is is hog puckey  in the name of disinformation.

Yet the Iraq invasion occured in the name of terrorism.  Yet there is the continued threat of terrorism  as reported in the media just week.

In my younger years I often heard that one should never trust authorities from the hippie generation and even continue to hear it from young people today.

Even at my age that I am a,  I even question the authority of the elected servants I helped elect.  In my opinion, they rather often oversteped their bounds at being entrusted in running this great country of America.   In their whimsical policies they seem to  find from some where.

MAY I QUESTION ATHORITY IN THE MATTER OF.  Why has America been attacked by terrorists?  Why is the terrorist threat continuing?   What happened to the McCarthy  spook show, the communists are coming and better dead then red?
The communist government fell in Russia, yet communinism is still alive in China.  Even Fidel Castrol is still on The American BAD BOY LIST after fourty years.

In my opinion  either the servants I helped elect are extermley paranoid.

OR!!!!!  Really, really  have been annoying to people they should not have.

Charles Fargo