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Porublev: Mark September 4 as the Innocents' Day

I would like to suggest  that each year September the 4th  be marked  as the Innocents  Day so that the infamy of vicious premeditated massacre of children of Beslan shall not be forgotten.  It shall also include memory of countless children denied their childhood through being forced to do slave labour, to fight wars, those who are victims of violence, neglect, starvation, mistreatment and disease. Ask governments of your countries to have the United Nations Organization officially adopt  4th September as  The Innocents’ Day. 

Melbourne,  Australia

The United States' Head of Diplomacy, or Secretary of State, is an anachronistic, incompetent, meddling, intrusive, insolent and arrogant, rude individual, a brash, foul-mouthed upstart, a conceited, self-important guttersnipe and an insult to the international community, as fit for the job as a pedophile janitor in a grade school.

Tillerson must go!