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Charles Fargo: The supposed KGB is not looking over my shoulder

On June 14, Monday, I found some articles in the PRAVDA quite interesting.  A thank you goes out to one participant whom in his own right, voiced his opinion and having noticed and stood in the forefront, some of the ills we have here in America.  Agreeing with in which what I voiced for a viewpoint.

Standing in good faith as a free American, using my freedom of speech.  In my articles speaking the truth as I view it, with out trying to offend any persons that may read the PRAVDA.  Yet reading an article today in the PRAVDA written by a person identified as Anonymous.

May I point out (Mr. Anonymous), please read the second paragraph in this article, again.  To include this is not intended as a debate.  My articles are not slanted, The supposed KGB is not looking over my shoulder.  To say the least the CIA headquarters are located no more then 70 miles from where
I do my viewpoints for the PRAVDA. Nor does any faction or government agency, inform me what to write.  Further more not all of the writers for the  PRAVDA are spineless slanted Russians, as you state in your article, attempting to bring down or speak against the American Government, as the Anonymous  stated.  May I suggest to this person who could not use a name in writting his article. The demenor and verbalization used, I find to be very demeaning and ethnicly biased toward the Russian culture and the people of Russia.  May I also include  this anonymous person does have the
freedom of speech as I do in this country of America.  May I point out to the readers of the PRAVDA.   It is the atitude of people  like the Amonymous author, here in free America, that is part of the biased cancer that is rampant, that I mentioned in my last article.

Charles Fargo

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