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Dawn Higtree: The greatest weapon

I guess the word is out.  I don't think it would do much harm to commit this crime as it would the others i have committed by being forthright and true.
what is the greatest weapon of all that some know about and some do not.  The one's that do are probably way involved or they don't care what happens to the world.  But I do.
The greatest weapon of all in this war against good and evil is that people can kill your friends once they already know how they act have duplicated their sound via the computer and have duplicated the way the look almost to the exact.  YO u will never know that they are not your friend.
Be wise and be assured in these days of coming that you know who you are and you test who your friends are because they may not be your real friends underneath the mask.
With love and assurance as my days seem to grow less.
Dawn Hightree

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