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Author`s name Michael Simpson

James Minney: Impression on PRAVDA.Ru publication

It would be reasonably clear that the Iraq campaign would have been impossible if the neighboring countries, at the same time as speaking against the war, had not provided significant logistical support to coalition forces. **IF** they decided to provide no such support or allowances at all for an invasion of Syria, it would be rather more difficult. But that is not so likely.

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James Minney
 Tokyo, Japan

The United States' Head of Diplomacy, or Secretary of State, is an anachronistic, incompetent, meddling, intrusive, insolent and arrogant, rude individual, a brash, foul-mouthed upstart, a conceited, self-important guttersnipe and an insult to the international community, as fit for the job as a pedophile janitor in a grade school.

Tillerson must go!