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George Person: Ode to Neruda RESPONSE

Well the essence of the poet is for the poet to extract the essence of life... Capturing this essence in a condensed artistic form, and unleashing it like lightning upon his fellow men.....
Where life is but a metaphor, an extended allegory of the moment where we take license in capturing rare and fleeting events like a great artist of the canvas, where we paint the pictures of great moments, when the event is fresh and the words are ripe within our minds.....
Here's a playful ode...perhaps even a metaphor  a man like Lenin can respect and act upon...everything is in jest...so let me put this special ode to thy test...
Ode to the Commode -
Ode to the commode
Deep in transitory thought
Splashing into a pool of water, not a rose garden
When the air is thick with malodorous residue
Turning on the fan is the thing to do
For when the next passer-by comes to rest
Surely a breath of fresh air
Is certainly the best....
Poet to poet,  pun to pun, the world of words can be exciting and fun...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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