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Iraq, Chechnya, Iran, Sudan--They're all about energy, oil and natural gas

The world is busting it's seams with new consumers wanting to use it. Unfortunately, the big guys (and a few wars) have used up most of the cheaper stuff, now the developing world wants a bigger piece of the action. Add to this some barbarians who desire to dominate the energy-rich regions, and use a phony religious-based jihad to accomplish their goals, and we have the first two items in the subject line.

What about the third item?

A "war on terrorism" is a great tool for dictators. Remember how "Big Brother" in Orwell's book 1984 (is it really that long ago?), kept his control through having a state of perpetual war.

Is it possible that Russia and the United States now have a two-headed "big brother" by the name of BushPutin?

Fred G

World's most powerful nuclear submarines, Arkhangelsk and Severstal, are to be dismantled after 2020 - their further exploitation is unprofitable

Russia gets rid of world’s most powerful nuclear submarines

The United States' Head of Diplomacy, or Secretary of State, is an anachronistic, incompetent, meddling, intrusive, insolent and arrogant, rude individual, a brash, foul-mouthed upstart, a conceited, self-important guttersnipe and an insult to the international community, as fit for the job as a pedophile janitor in a grade school.

Tillerson must go!