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Spetsnaz: It is hardly possible to live the American dream

Reading Jon's letter (Why does the world condemn America all the time?) made me sad.
How great is America? I mean out of 200+ nations in this world what makes you think that America HAS everything THE WORLD HAS? The diverse races in America coexist because they don't have time to worry about hate , they miss the rent they are out on the streets.

They dont pay tax ...well you know the rest.
it is hardly possible to live the American dream. Most of the newcomers to the USA become prey for the rich...but that another topic.
"As an American, I am tired of other countries not being accountable and helping.  These other countries cower and do not do what is right."
What in the world makes you think other nations want the same as the USA wants?!?!?

What reason do other nations have to go all out on Iraq? or afghanistan? Why should they help america secure oil while you get all the profit?

The biggest question is: why do you think America is right?
"Drop a nuclear bomb" eh? Well, you seem to love your adopted nation so much that you would drop nukes on others just so you can have it your way...sad. there are many stupid topics about the idea of turning middle east into a "sea of glass
if you visit this resource you will find great deal of stupidity: http://www.studentsforwar.org/forum_archive/topic_820.asp
You seem to forget japan? your brave countrie seems to do the right thing no? Try it drop just 1 nuke 1 is all i ask.
But I hope you know what happens after don't you?
"Extremists" well what else is there to say to this: put your self in the extremists's shoes.
Your nation has been invaded, your loved ones bombout and are now free from each other, you got no money, no job,
you can't get a single night sleep ,you walk on the streets not knowing when the enemy will decide your "evil" and put you in nazi-like prisons and then start thinking the best will happen to you? NO you don't do that ! You pick up a weapon and fight these invaders in the name of freedom.

You will not let them exploit your national resorses that are your by birth right! you will not let them humiliate your nations,  men and woman.

You will not let them destroy everything your people have built !!! Even if its a hut made of mud bricks!
Please to all americans that cry here just because your dictator says that what he thinks is right is right! If you don't like what you see on this site then maybe you could think of bringing along some solid proof to start with: try asking your dictator proof of these WMD.
Spetsnaz, Canada

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