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In Reference to Your Article Aliens! Chubais Has Come to Make Jack Vance Reality?

A very interesting article! I was greatly surprised

Dear Sirs;
A very interesting article! I was greatly surprised to see this reference to Jack Vance. I think it is an exaggeration to say that "Several generations of American boys were brought up on his books," because he is little-known to most American readers unless they enjoy Science Fiction, and even then he is less well known than many other writers in this genre. I would dearly like to know which American generals, diplomats and advisors have been influenced by Mr. Vance! It should also be noted that the society described in "Emphyrio" is not entirely without historical comparison: The Roman Emperor, Diocletian (AD 284 -305) attempted to bring stability and long-term survival to the Empire by identifying certain occupations (including soldiers, bakers, members of town councils, and tenant farmers) whose functions became hereditary, and those engaging in them were inhibited from changing their careers. The effects of these imperial edicts are no doubt still debated among scholars.

Best Regards,
John Uribe