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John Marshall: Where are we heading?

I very much enjoy your online paper. I have bookmarked all world country news for an up close and personal view of world opinion. I am one of many Americans who are "shocked and stunned" by how our country has been turned into a industrial political machine.
Please know that the vast majority of Americans were totally against Iraq invasion and are chomping on the bit for next November presidential, senate, and congressional vote to dump these guys.

But the problem remains. What are we globally going to do when the oil wells dry up?

Can you really get your mind around how badly the U.S. economy and psyche were disrupted by 9/11!  We were violated on our mainland in a way we thought not possible. Something you live with on a daily basis with Chechnya.
The point is... we must as a world realize that we are destroying and polluting our earth to the breaking point. The point of critical mass that may not be reversed. Mostly due to continued use of fossil fuels that are tax heavy that keeps governments running, but the earth crawling in decay. The thought of the 100 Billion dollars so far spent on the Iraq war that could have been spent on new "green" sources of energy is hideous.
I work as an equipment technician for a dialysis company in N.E. Ohio U.S.  I have learned that all life is precious and fragile. To think that most of world's conflicts stem from our differing views of religion, God, and style of prayer is most ironic and saddening while we see so much bloodshed and death.
I wish to see a beautiful world for our children. We need to get our best and brightest scientists together from around the world and fund it heavily. Call it the Institute for World Peace and Science.
Only together can we save this planet, and only together can we destroy it.

God Bless You

John Marshall