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Michael Johnson: Bush represents moral decay from within American society.

Dear Editor:

Bush is not a shining example of America. He represents moral decay from within American society. The rise of conservativism is the growth an ideology where the end justifies any means to get there. It rationalizes greed, narcissism and excess. It is social Darwinism, where the stronger is duty bound to trample the weak under the heel of its boot.

It is telling, conservatives had to create a philosophy that challenged altruism, social equality and as the world has witnessed simple morality.

The favored methodology of Bush's cohorts is divisive and diversionary.

Point out the lies of others. Show the moral relativism of others.

Demonstrate that compassion is weakness. Never deviate from the party line.

Bush's political lexicon might as well say: "War is peace." "Freedom is slavery." "Ignorance is strength."

Once, America proclaimed justice for all. Common decency was expected. Due process of law was a right. A minority of American's still believe in this ideal. Freedom requires sacrifice. It does not demand you abandon human civility.

Michael D. Johnson

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