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Dawn Hightree: Lying people

I don't remember how long it was ago exactly, but the United States publicly said that it was going to hire people from outside the military to perform security type related responsibilities.  I don't know if the people that created these prisons are privie to this or are the ones who were hired by the United States, but it is something to consider.
We all need to keep in mind that things have gotten to almost unmanageable means.  If you have people lying to go over and start war and still can be there even though it was wrong, things are unmanageable.  If we have some countries who are allowed to have nuclear weapons but others who cannot, we have unmanageable circumstances.  Where is anyone drawing the line and being fair? 
The United States has already proven that they do not play fair, but yet the world still acts like because they say they really mean to play fair that they do play fair.  The truth of these people who had enough information to fool many educated and probably top secret assurances of who to let in and who not, got in and did the very same things that they are claiming that the United States did in other prisons-is one thing that if I was an investigator of this wrong, would be very aware of.  I also would be aware of the fact that if a country would go to these measures and lie publicly while also claiming to the world that they love them so much that they want the world to fight with them against terror - that I would be very scared to even find the truth because if you did know the truth chances are you would be then labeled a terrorist and there would be possibly a court hearing or not to end your life.  
Dawn Hightree

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