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Catine E. Perkins: Russia's main challenge RESPONSE

Dear Editor:
How fortunate I was today to surface Pravda and read 'Russia's Main Challenge" by Ivan Nikola Guerra!
Why? Simply because, once I ventured on this Russian Journey, a realization came that these type of insights, about Russia and her people are scarce throughout the world. Be it a relationship with Pekin (Cathy) in 1600's with Moscow or where ever this may be. This always astounded me, as I would keep learning these "pearls of wisdom" about Russia and her
relationships among her people and with the outside world.

Thus, Ivan Nikola Guerra's fine insightful writing, such as this, must have a permanent place in Pravda.  Not only for the outside world but for the Russian People in Russia, because so much about Russia and her people became twisted, in the darkness that encompassed their humanity.

Such stories have a positive effect, since Russia was under seige with negative propaganda for all these years. This type of writing also gives Pravda a positive balance for the newspaper and the people that read it.

Thank you.

Catine E. Perkins

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