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Louis Myrick: Positive comments on the Russian space program

Dear Editor: 
I have no criticisms to express only warm observations. 
For 12 years I have been involved in the United States of America's version of the space program.  And, with all of our disasters and set-backs, I have discovered that just maybe Russia won the space race.
Your Energia-Buran rocket (reusable spacecraft program)along with the Soyuz spacecraft are the best engineered in the world.
Your Control Center at the Baikonur Center across the barren steppes of Kazakhstan is a masterpiece.  i surely would like to visit there one day.
It would be a dream to be able to participate in the Russian Space Program and work at Baikonur Center.
Congratulations, Russia, on an outstanding space program!
Very respectfully yours,
Louis Myrick
Houston, Texas