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D Slavovich Ratz: Why is Russia suffering?

Regarding to PRAVDA.Ru article "Terrorist onslaught". I remember I could walk to my mail box in Krivoy Rohg (Central Ukraine) when on vacation there and the thought of getting mugged did not exist.  Kids were playing together on there own in this large city without adult supervision, taking buses even, and they were not kidnapped.  I remember sitting at pitch dark night outside beside a table with my cousin eating 'dushi' of watermelons (that's the sweet center part of a melon, us Russians call 'soul').  Crime, death, thieves, rapists, even petty theft were so alien, as I ate my watermelon on
that clear night sky with stars flickering in total darkness and we talked about something really interesting, I don't even remember now, but I know it had something to do with our family at a 'datcha'.   Datcha is a house outside of city, not used as a residence, but more of a place to go at the weekend, and usually surrounded by a piece of land, Russians loved planting in it.  Fields of puppy flowers were at our Datcha, but we only used their seeds for tea. 

What the hell happened to our country?  Why are people laid back as the Americans able to thwart terrorism after New York was attacked but once, but Russia is taking a beating none stop?  I think it's a fair question.  The answer is: "I think therefore I am Shakespeare.  Americans have rebuilt New York, private and public funds flooded the area from around the nation.  The poor American, and the rich, the wealthy business, and the small scale salesman all contributed to that part of America that was hurt.  When all was done, there was
more money than people that were in need of it, in the amounts of billions if my recollection serves me right.  Clearly that is not the case in Russia.  I can't name for the life of me one rich Russian that forked out to better Grozny, not to mention a national scale support mobilized over such a goal.  We are a third world nation, and that is why we get pounded and pounded, over and over.  A nation so poor, so fractured, that everyone is out for himself.  Where we don't care, or no longer believe that our countrymen deserve better.  Where getting drunk is the optima of our lives.  It is all in our 'heads', but it has a way of manifesting on a national scale.  Russia has a black eye, will anyone take cold piece of meat out of a fridge and apply it?

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA