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Andy D: "I do not want to be a chained slave of American imperialism."

The June 30th handover of  supposed sovereignty to the Iraqis is a complete fabrication, an illusion. The US after having invested almost 200 billion dollars and counting subduing the fiesty Iraqis will insist on iron fisted control of Iraqi's security in order to hold on to the greatest prize in world history - the Iraqi oil fields.  This is what the war was about. 
Under no circumstances should the Security Counsel of the United Nations go along with  America's desire for an open ended security arrangement for Iraq. The US wants to install a Vichy type government in Iraq so Americans can privatize everything right down to the last grain of sand.  This must not happen. The message to the US must be clear "Crime Does Not Pay".
Russia, France and China have a pivotal roll to play in seeing that America's Iraqi ambitions are thwarted at the UN. Nothing will stop America's war mongering ambitions for world hegemony if members of the Security Counsel cave in to US bullying.  Now that NATO and the US have encircled Russia, what will stop a greatly strengthened oil rich America from invading Russia to seize its resources if not stopped? The nations of the world must reject US ambitions in Iraq.
Having used thousand of tons of horrific DU nuclear weapons on the civilian populations of Afghanistan, Serbia and Iraq, the monsters running the US have taken the position that the use of nuclear weapons to kill and control the rest of humanity is a legitimate. This cannot be!
America's achilles heel is the fiat US dollar. The US built its awesome might by making the US dollar the world reserve currency.  It basically received the worlds goods and resources for free. All it had to do was print funny money to pay for them. This is the most important time in world history. For the world not to be enslaved, the US fiat dollar must be relegated to the dust bin. The US economy must be collapsed so that the US cannot fight wars of conquest.
I do not want to be a chained slave of American imperialism. Do Russians? Europeans? Think about it. We may yet be chained just like the Iraqis if  the American monsters  have their way at the UN. Their goal is to rule the world and the prize that will let them is Iraqi oil payed for with fiat US dollars. It is our duty to stop them.
Andy D.

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