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George Person: "Draft Dodger" Bush - man of destiny phenomena

From what I've seen of the American National Guard, they are  brave as soldiers as any...and they are ready to die for their country...when they are summoned to the front of the front on the war of terrorism...
Once you are in the military, you are not in control of your destiny...you are like a pawn just like any other soldier in the armed services....on the battlefield....
As usual, however, there's a spiritual shortsightedness, to this reporting - it's what I call the "man of destiny phenomena."
George W. Bush became President of the United States of America - the most free, most powerful country of the world.....At what point, does his destiny begin to guide a young man towards his mortal perfection on Earth?!
Is it pure intuition or divine guidance?! Are their invisible forces which knows what the future holds and guides those people who emerge upon life's center stage who become great world leaders?!
It's much better for  President Bush to be fundamentally a man of peace and not an eager war monger ready to drop napalm and cluster bombs on villages in Viet Nam. King David was not allowed to build a Temple to the Lord of Israel because he was not a pure man of peace. Only his son King Solomon was allowed to build a Temple to the Lord, for he was a complete man of peace...
Let's not be too harsh on our world leaders....for they are mentored by the divine - for one day they will lead tens of millions of people in a world of billions of people - and, if our leaders have human frailty, let it be their strength, for it will exemplify their commonality with the people they lead, that their hearts are of a true and meek nature, and they need the mercy of history as they emerge with a great moral responsibility to lead with truth, honor, and nobility in times of trouble and adversity...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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